Effects of climate change on ecosystem services

2019-09-17 14:30

Changes in biodiversity and ecosystem services due to climate change are not all negative, with some species either thriving or adapting. Most of these observed changes are modest, which is possibly due to the limited change in climate that has occurred.The ecosystem services concept has been proposed as a response to threats to biodiversity. It is based on a utilitarian view of nature, complementing other conservation strategiesecosystem services are seen as a way of mitigating climate change and as an adaptive strategy for societies. effects of climate change on ecosystem services

climate change effects on ecosystem service flows, for which management decisions can help users mitigate or adapt to these effects, and illustrate tradeoffs in the Chapter 13: Effects of Climate Change on Ecosystem Services Travis W. Warziniack, Matthew J. Elmer, Chris J. Miller, S. Karen Dante

change in climate, causing an effect on natural resources (water resources, forest products, etc. ), on biodiversity, ecosystem services and on plants in general, some positive and on others negative effects, such as, altering biophysical relationship, shrinking of habitats, desertification and Executive Summary. The effects of climate change on ecosystems and species are likely to be exacerbated in ecosystems that already are under pressure from human activities, including air and water pollution, habitat destruction and fragmentation, and the introduction of invasive species. effects of climate change on ecosystem services How can the answer be improved?

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