Functions of the heart and circulatory system

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About the Heart and Circulatory System. The circulatory system is composed of the heart and blood vessels, including arteries, veins, and capillaries. Our bodies actually have two circulatory systems: The circulation is a short loop from the heart to the lungs and back again.Mar 03, 2017  The circulatory system consists of the heart, blood, blood vessels, lymph, and lymphatic vessels. Heart In humans, the heart is a fourchambered organ, containing two atria functions of the heart and circulatory system

Sep 20, 2016 Your lungs aren't technically a part of circulatory system organs, but they really help make it possible for your heart to function correctly. Your lungs provide oxygen for your body. The lungs send oxygenrich blood to the left side of your heart and your heart then uses blood vessels and arteries to transfer it to the rest of your body.

The heart and circulatory system make up your cardiovascular system. Your heart works as a pump that pushes blood to the organs, tissues, and cells of your body. Blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to every cell and removes the carbon dioxide and waste products made by those cells. Closed Circulatory System is more efficient as the volume of blood can be regulated by the contraction and relaxation of the smooth muscles of the blood vessels. The flow of blood is quite rapid in this system. In the closed circulatory system, blood flows through a closed system of chambers the heart functions of the heart and circulatory system The three functions of the circulatory system include maintaining normal body temperature, helping the body fight disease and providing the ideal chemical balance for homeostasis. The circulatory system consists of the heart, arteries, veins and blood. Keep Learning.

How can the answer be improved? functions of the heart and circulatory system May 08, 2018 Blood Vessels. The circulatory system is a complex organ system that plays a major role in supplying oxygen and nutrients to all the cells and tissues of the body, as also collecting carbon dioxide and waste materials from the cells. It is also involved in transporting hormones, distributing heat throughout the body,

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