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2019-09-18 17:24

Welcome to the Councillors Guide to the Northern Ireland Planning System. NILGA, the Northern Ireland Local Government Association, is the representative body for NIs 11 District Councils.The Planning System in Northern Ireland The role of the planning system is to regulate the use of land. In Northern Ireland, the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) and the 11 local councils must make their decisions on planning applications in line with the planning system northern ireland

Feb 20, 2019  The Departments role in the NI planning system including relevant legislation, regional policies and strategies and supporting practical guidance. PLEASE NOTE: We are currently in the process of transferring content to these pages from the Planning NI website.

Apr 01, 2015 Local Government Reform. The transfer of most planning functions to the district councils did not just involve the redistribution of functions but included the creation of a new planning system for Northern Ireland: requiring new roles, responsibilities and relationships for all those involved in the planning process. Planning in Northern Ireland has recently undergone its biggest change for 40 years. On 1 April 2015, the Department of the Environment (DOE) transferred responsibility for the majority of planning functions to local government through the 2011 Planning Act (NI). The 2011 Planning Act (NI) Northern Ireland now has had a two tier planning system. planning system northern ireland This replaced the old system under the Planning (Northern Ireland) Order 1991 where the Department of Environment held responsibilities for planning in Northern Ireland. Under the 2011 Planning Act, each new Council is the Local Planning Authority for its district Council area.

How the planning system works, how local councils make planning decisions and where to get advice on planning applications. planning system northern ireland This blog article examines the similarities and differences between the planning systems north and south of the border on the island of Ireland. It is based on a more detailed research paper prepared jointly by the Northern Ireland Assembly Research and Information Service (RaISe) and the Oireachtas Library& Research Service, with contributions from research staff working for each of the two legislatures.

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