Norumbega fault system

2019-08-22 01:59

Kinematic indicators for regional dextral shear along the Norumbega fault system in the Casco Bay area, coastal Maine. By Mark T. Swanson. Mark T. Swanson. 1 Norumbega fault zone: Part of an orogenparallel strikeslip system, northern Appalachians. By Mary S. Hubbard. Mary S. Hubbard. 1The Norumbega fault system in coastal Maine has been shown to be a transcurrent fault of great extent that underwent dextral displacements in both midPaleozoic and late Paleozoic time. norumbega fault system

Yes, Virginia, the eastern United States can finally claim to have a strikeslip fault of its own on a scale to rival the west coast's San Andreas fault: the Norumbega fault system, which stretches nearly 450 km from central New Brunswick, south to Casco Bay in southern Maine, and perhaps even farther into southern Connecticut.

Norumbega fault zone: part of an orogenparallel strikeslip system, northern Appalachians Mary S. Hubbard Timing of displacements along the Norumbega fault system, southcentral and southcoastal Maine David P. West, Jr. The Norumbega Fault System runs through midcoastal Maine (starting just south of Penobscot Bay) and cuts south through Massachusetts. This fault system was created from a midcrustal zone of transpression that occured during the middle of the Devonian. norumbega fault system Postglacial Faulting in the Vicinity of the Norumbega Fault Zone, Eastern Maine by Woodrow B. Thompson Introduction At least six earthquakes of intensity V or greater on the modified Mercalli scale have occurred in the vicinity of the Norumbega fault zone in eastern Maine during historical times (Earthquake Information Bulletin, 1973).

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