Evid ceiling speaker systems

2019-10-21 14:09

Designed with both the contractor and listener in mind, EVID ceiling speakers are highperformance problemsolvers that deliver exceptional sound in even the most challenging situations. From the compact power of the C4. 2 to the exclusive waveguidecoupled design of the C8. 2HC, each greatsounding EVID solution is uniquely suited to handle installer needs across a specific range of intendedElectroVoice EVIDC44 White Ceiling Mount Compact Sound Speaker System See more like this ElectroVoice EVID EV Innovative Design C4. 2 Ceiling Speaker System Set of 2u Brand New evid ceiling speaker systems

ceiling speaker conduit clamp on the speakers rear terminal cover. This accessory allows for rigid conduit to be run to the box on the roughin plate before the speaker or any sheetrock is installed. After the sheetrock is installed the speaker can be wired up and mounted all from below the ceiling. 4 EVID Ceiling Speaker Systems

Distributor Channel Partner of Electrovoice EVID Ceiling Speaker EVID C 8. 2 Speakers, Electro voice EVID C 10. 1 Speakers, Electro voice EVID C 12. 2 Speakers and EVID PC 6. 2 Ceiling Speaker offered by Gromax Technologies Private Limited, New Delhi, Delhi. EVID Ceiling Series Systems (sold in pairs) Model Part No. Description EVID C4. 2 4 coaxial speaker with hornloaded, Ticoated tweeter EVID C8. 2 8 coaxial speaker with hornloaded, Ticoated tweeter EVID C8. 2LP Same as C8. 2 above except with lowprofile backcan EVID C8. 2HC 8 waveguidecoupled coaxial speaker with hornloaded, Ticoated tweeter evid ceiling speaker systems EVID ceiling modelsare: Acoustically matched to the EVID surface mount speaker line Model for model the EVID line has superior performance to competing brands Meets UL and NFPA regulations for air handling spaces Regardless of the acoustic and esthetic requirements there is an EVID ceiling monitor system to fit the requirements

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