Soprolife system an accurate diagnostic enhancer

2020-01-22 04:27

Introduction. SOPROLIFE is a more recently released device using a lightinduced fluorescence evaluator for diagnostic and treatment (LIFE D. T); it was developed and based on the imaging and autofluorescence of dental tissues [ 18, 19.Clinical Study SOPROLIFE System: An Accurate Diagnostic Enhancer MonaZeitouny, 1 MireilleFeghali, 1 AssaadNasr, 1 PhilippeAbouSamra, 1 NadineSaleh, 2 DenisBourgeois, 3 andPierreFarge 4 Department of Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry, Dental School, Lebanese University, Hadath, Lebanon soprolife system an accurate diagnostic enhancer

SOPROLIFE System: An Accurate Diagnostic Enhancer Mona Zeitouny, 1, Mireille Feghali, 1 Assaad Nasr, 1 Philippe AbouSamra, 1 Nadine Saleh, 2 Denis Bourgeois, 3 and Pierre Farge 4 1 Department of Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry, Dental

SoproLIFE DENTAL. CARIES SYSTEM Kimberly Tran, Rosy Garcia, & Anissa Adams What is SoproLIFE LIFE stands for Light Induced Fluorescence Evaluator Made by a company called ACTEON Group Manufactures high tech medical devices made to help dentists and surgeons for a safer and quicker procedure to establish minimally invasive dentistry Detects occlusal and interproximal decay, It relies on a medical ontology to direct the acquisition of clinic data from a clinical data warehouse and uses an automated analytic system to apply a sequence of machine learning algorithms that create applications for diagnostic screening. We refer to this system as the ontologydriven diagnostic modeling system (ODMS). soprolife system an accurate diagnostic enhancer SOPROLIFE system: an accurate diagnostic enhancer. An intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) was computed to assess the reliability between the two diagnostic methods. Results: The results showed a high reliability between the two methods (ICC 0. 92; IC; P 0. 001). The SOPROLIFE blue fluorescence mode had a high sensitivity (87)

SoproLIFE. Dental Caries System. Device that contains a fluorescence light to detect the decayed area. Also serves as an intraoral camera. Light is stimulated by short and long wavelengths ( nm) that distinguish a healthy tooth from a nonhealthy. Red carious lesion; green healthy tooth soprolife system an accurate diagnostic enhancer How can the answer be improved? Objectives. The aim of this study was to evaluate a lightemitting diode fluorescence tool, the SOPROLIFE lightinduced fluorescence evaluator, and compare it to the international caries detection and assessment systemII (ICDASII) in the detection of occlusal caries. Methods. A total of 219 permanent posterior teeth in 21 subjects, with age ranging from 15 to 65 years, were examined. SoproLife images of early caries lesions on the occlusal surfaces of selected posterior teeth were taken using the diagnostic aid mode with a visible blue light frequency (wavelength 450 nm). Examiners used tripodisation of finger rest to standardize the images captured between visits as seen in Fig. 2.

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