Thoraco lumbar plate system

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TRUSS is a thoracolumbar plate system with a slim design and an integrated Slider mechanism that allows optimal screw placement and intraoperative compressibility. . Slim plate design: Designed to withstand lumbar loads and fit the thoracic spine Integrated compressibility: Integrated continuous compressibility allows graft load to be maintained to aid in fusionApr 24, 2013  Find out all of the information about the Depuy Synthes product: thoracolumbar arthrodesis plate anterior 1 level TELEFIX. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a quote or to find out a price or your closest point of sale. thoraco lumbar plate system

Description. The GIZA is the latest generation of titanium expandable Vertebral Body Replacement Systems. It allows surgeons to perform lumbar or thoracic Corpectomy procedures, and has been specifically developed to improve patient care by saving valuable time OR time and decreases the risk of subsidence. A Corpectomy is a surgical procedure

Aug 30, 2018  Indications include spinal fractures, vertebral tumors, secondary instabilities of the thoracic and thoracolumbar spine, and any other indication requiring an anterior stabilization low profile. The SPHYNX is the latest innovation coming from our R& D department in Geneva, Switzerland, says Ben Mokhtar, President of Eden Spine Europe, SA. Thoracolumbar fixation. Simplify the complex. When it comes to spinal fixation, we know that efficiency is critical. While leveraging core technologies like the buttress thread on our blockers, or the cortical cancellous thread pattern on our pedicle screws, we continue to find new ways to innovate every day. thoraco lumbar plate system May 08, 2018 Description. The Sphynx antero lateral plate is a complete set of implants and instruments designed for antero lateral stabilization of the spine. Its low profile is specifically designed to fit the natural contours of the thoracic and lumbar spine. Made from titanium alloy (Ti6Al 4V), all implants are delivered in sterile packaging

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. The lateral approach provides an alternate route to the spine that disturbs fewer structures and tissues. Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion is an option that a surgeon may use to treat patients with lumbar degenerative disc disease (DDD). The Skyhawk Lateral Interbody Fusion System and Skyhawk Lateral Plate System provide thoraco lumbar plate system Lumbar interbody fusion cage thoracic thoracolumbar lateral LONGBOW Life Spine Invasive System AILERON Expandable Posterior Fusion System AILERON Posterior Fusion System PILOTP Posterior Plate System PILOT Spinal System CENTRIC Expandable Retractor System CENTRIC Access Portal Retractor System PEEKOPTIMA is a Intended use. ATB Anterior Tension Band Plate The Anterior Tension Band (ATB) System is a comprehensive set of implants and instruments designed for anterior stabilization of the lumbosacral spine. TELEFIX TELEFIX is an implant system for the anterior stabilization of the thoracolumbar The company's thoracolumbar products include axle interspinous fusion system, butrex anterior lumbar buttress plating system, fixcetspinal facet screw system and fortexpedicle screw system. Inion S2 System. The Inion S2 Biodegradable Anterior Thoracolumbar Fusion System consists of plates and screws made of degradable copolymers composed of Llactic and Dlactic acid. These polymers have a long history of safe medical use and they degrade in vivo by hydrolysis into alphahydroxy acids that are metabolised by the body.

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