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Puttingout system. The puttingout system is a means of subcontracting work. Historically, it was also known as the workshop system and the domestic system. In puttingout, work is contracted by a central agent to subcontractors who complete the work in offsite facilities, either in their own homes or in workshops with multiple craftsmen.6. Quizlet can be used at home or on the go. As long as students have links to your course materials on Quizlets website, they can study independently at home or else use Quizlets excellent, fullfeatured mobile website or free iOS app to study on the go. You can link to or embed Quizlet on your classs content management system or blog, putting out system quizlet

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APUSH CHp. 10 terms. Description. ms. mcmullen. Total Cards. 29. Subject. History. Level. 11th Grade. Created. . PuttingOut System: Definition. way of mass producing clothes a journeyman tailor (employed by master tailor who owned the workshop) cut fabric panels in the factory Sep 21, 2017 They were taking large images and creating multiple cropped versions to put on each flashcard in a study set. This was a strong signal that people were looking for a way to study diagrams on Quizlet. putting out system quizlet Dec 03, 2016  Quizlet is a free online flashcard creator, but it does so much more than simple flashcards! This video shows you some of the other ways you can study your content with Quizlet

Mar 08, 2008 The puttingout system was a production system that was put into much greater use during the 18th Century. The system was based upon the concept of giving homebased workers one or two steps to do in the process of manufacturing. Often the workers were farmers or agricultural workers who needed work in the off season. putting out system quizlet The PuttingOut System. Shift in the nature of work It became strict, controlled, and dangerous, and the artisan skills they might have developed became unimportant in the factory system where they PuttingOut System production of goods in private homes under the supervision of a merchant who put out the raw materials, paid a certain sum per finishe dpiece, and sold the completed item to

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