Wombat seating system

2020-01-28 07:36

The Wombat seating system is designed to allow for freedom of movement but additional postural support is available through the use of seating accessories. The range of accessories available includes a head support, swing away lateral supports, tray, swing away knee supports, handles on the rear of the backrest, pommel and adjustable armrests.With the R82 Wombat Living positioning chair, children with special needs are afforded postural support and comfort for many functional activities. Therapists and parents will love the gas spring seat height and angle adjustability that allows the child to be positioned appropriately for wombat seating system

The Wombat chair is a height adjustable seating system on a mobile base designed for children aged between one and twelve years. It is available in two versions, the Wombat Basic (two sizes) and the Wombat Upgrade (three sizes).

Wombat. The height adjustable chair means your child is involved in front of the computer, at school, at the kitchen table or much lower. The wombat has a foot pedaloperated height adjustment, which allows ease of adjustment. There is a wide range of accessories and supports that ensure correct positioning for each and every child. Product Description. The Wombat is a multifunctional positioning chair, for children who require sitting support and stabilizationwhether it's helping Mom at the kitchen counter, playing with friends and pets at floor level, or sitting at the computer desk at school. With a variety of support accessories and a fully adjustable seating system, wombat seating system Seating System 0. 00. View Item. ThevoTwist Adaptive Seating on indoor mobility base 0. 00. View Item. Wombat HighLow Activity Chair 0. 00. View Item. Wombat HighLow Activity Chair 0. 00. Cart. Product Categories. Adaptive Seating; Bathing& Toileting Some adaptive equipment will require fitting by a certified seating and mobility

The Wombat Living Activity Chair is an amazing functional activity chair for children who require stabilization, support, and comfort. The Wombat Living provides not only all the features necessary for a functional activity chair, but allows you to customize each chair to the users unique size and preferences. wombat seating system R82 wombat living activity chair provides all features and accessories needed for a functional activity chair. Wombat living is available in 3 sizes and is configurable; making it fit any shape and size. Wombat living activity chair with electric power has power actuator which The Wombat Living is a cool activity chair for both toddler, preschool, school children and teens. The fresh look with modern colours makes it suitable for use in any indoor environment. Use the Wombat Living for daily activities such as reading and learning at school, having fun with friends and when helping with daily chores at home. TiltinSpace Seating. Seating Systems that offer the tiltinspace option allow pressure relief while maintaining a consistent hip angle. The tiltinspace feature provides rest to the head, neck and trunk from sitting upright for extended periods of time. The lack of shearing in Made by R82Snug Seat Size 2 (for children about 6 12 years old) Highlow base with tilt tray, pelvic stabilizer Seat width: about 15 Seat depth: 13 to 18 adjustable Back height: 16 to 20 adjustable Footrest length: 6 to 17 Weight capacity: 154 lbs.

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