Solar fish drying systems

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To increase the added value of the abundant fish products is by doing the postharvest processing. This study includes the manufacture and testing of a solar energy drying unit equipped with biomassfueled air heating. The dryer consists of a drying chamber of length 260 cm and width ofThe system will then be assembled and used as model for building of two more test units in Ghana. The two local test units will as much as possible be build from materials avail able in Ghana including the solar collector, fan, PV, etc in order to show that it is possible to build solar drying facilities in Ghana. solar fish drying systems

The use of solar dryer is an important step toward improving the traditional fish drying technology. Solar dryers can produce welldried and dust free products. The contact between fish and flies which is virtually impossible to eliminate under traditional technique of fish smoking could be considerably eliminated if solar dryer are used.

In Many countries use of solar drying system is the order in food processing to save vegetables, fruits, coffee, tea, meat, fish and other crops. Solar heating system or solar drying system to dry Solar heating system or solar drying system to dry foods and other product can make the quality of the product to be much better. The process of drying is solar fish drying systems Low cost solar dryer for fish. The system drying efficiency of the dryer is a factor that describes how effective ly the input energy to the drying system was used by the dryer for product

1. 5 Solar Drying Can Improve Agricultural Products. A study by Akwasi Ayensu from the Dept. of Physics at the University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana demonstrates that food items dried in a solar dryer were superior to those which were sun dried when evaluated in terms of taste, color, and mould counts. solar fish drying systems May 05, 2017  It also has a collector where all the heat is absorbed then a fan powered by the solar passes the hot air over the fish in the cabinet drying it. DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF A SOLAR DRYING SYSTEM FOR FOOD PRESERVATION Senior Project Report Submitted to the department of Mechanical Engineering The solar drying system utilizes solar energy to heat up air and to dry any food substance loaded, which is beneficial in reducing wastage of agricultural product and This paper evaluates the traditional and solar fish drying systems in Nigeria. The results reveal that traditional methods still remain the predominant fish processing and drying methods employed in the country. The paper also discusses the Only a very few practicallyrealised designs of high temperature drying systems are solarenergy heated (Ekechukwu and Norton, 1999). 2. 2 Low temperature dryers. In low temperature drying systems, the moisture content of the product is usually brought in equilibrium with the drying

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