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File Import Altera Nios II Existing Nios II software build tools project or folder into workspace Project contents: Project name: # you cannot use uClinuxdist as project name, it doesn't like . 3.1) When you open a pre7. 1 SOPC Builder design (based on the. ptf file) in SOPC Builder, you will see a dialog box which provides the option of opening your system in classic mode or port your design to the new. sopc file format. 2) From the Nios II command shell you need to switch to the project directory and type: classic. sopc builder system ptf file

May 06, 2004 According to Reference Manual SOPC Builder PTF File : The System Generator Program can also be run from the commandline independent from the GUI. When the System Generator Program runs, it must read system design data from a PTF file.

application to be created. Then verify that the. ptf file from your SOPC Builder session has automatically populated the SOPC Builder System field in the Select Target Hardware pane. 6. Now, select the Blank Project template from the Select Project Template panel on the left hand side of the window. Create a new project in Quartus. Click on the SOPC Builder tab, which is present in the tools bar. Altera provided components (peripherals) are provided on the left side of the window. Doubleclick on the Nios II processor. A new window pops up, where the user has the option to choose a particular Nios II core based on the application needs. sopc builder system ptf file systemdescription file (system PTF file). 1 You can edit the system PTF file directly in any text editor. Be sure, however, that SOPC Builder GUI is closed as the SOPC GUI is functionally a PTF editor, and having the same file open simultaneously in two editors may produce unpredictable results.

Some data in the system PTF file is used by the SOPC Builder GUI (to display IP block information). Some data in the system PTF file is used by the System Generator Program (bus timing information) to create correct interconnect logic. Other PTF file data is used by both the GUI and the System Generator sopc builder system ptf file SOPC Builder generates HDL files that define all componen ts of the system, and a toplevel HDL file that connects all the components together. SOPC Builder generates either Verilog HDL or VHDL equally. In addition to its role as a system generation tool, SOPC Builder provides features to ease writing software and to accelerate system simulation.

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