Fire safety sprinkler systems

2019-08-25 17:24

Apr 18, 2019 I recently spoke in a debate on fire safety and sprinkler systems, an issue that, as we have seen in the case of the Grenfell tragedy, can mean the difference between life and death. I pointed outFire& Safety Systems Company has trained and certified fire protection inspectors who will ensure NFPA compliance to meet all code requirements. If your fire sprinkler system is in need of inspection, testing or scheduled repairs, our team can handle all of your fire protection system needs. fire safety sprinkler systems

These days people rarely are killed in fires at workplaces or stores because virtually all commercial buildings are covered by strict fire codes. They have alarm systems, sprinklers and emergency exits, all of them tested or inspected periodically by fire safety officers.

Safety Fire Sprinkler Corporation: Safety Fire Sprinkler Corporation has a proud tradition of excellence in the fire safety industry. We put nearly 20 years of knowledge to work to ensure you get the exceptional results you demand and deserve for your fire sprinkler system and standpipe needs. Fuller Fire& Safety Equipment, Inc. installs and services all types of sprinkler systems for your commercial structures, government projects, and residential developments. We offer new installations as well as systems repair and inspection services fire safety sprinkler systems Myth: Water damage from a sprinkler system will be more extensive than fire damage. Fact: Water damage from a building sprinkler system will be much less severe than the damage caused by water from fire fighting hose lines or smoke and fire damage if the fire is allowed to spread.

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