Different types of planning systems

2020-01-22 08:16

Types of Planning: Strategic, Tactical, Operational& Contingency Planning Planning to Plan. Strategic Plans. Tactical Plans. Operational Plans.Planning is the process of deciding when, what, where and how to do a certain activity before starting to work. Types of plans are Operational, tactical and strategic plan, formal and informal plan, proactive and reactive plan and functional and corporative plan. different types of planning systems

Different Types of Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP) Industry Specific Infor ERP. Infor ERP offers a solution for the manufacturing WebBased, or Cloud ERP. Instead of running advanced ERP software on your organizations ERP for Small Businesses. If you need a solution for sales

Objectives or Goals. The 2nd type of planning is Objectives or Goals. Objectives or Goals are the ends towards which all the activities are aimed. They represent not only the end point of planning but also the end toward which organizing, staffing leading and controlling are aimed. different types of planning systems

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