Electronically controlled injection system

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How can the answer be improved?How EFI Systems and Carburetors Work. These include the inlet manifold air and cylinder head temperature sensors, the crank position sensor, the barometric and manifold pressure sensors, and the throttle position sensor. An electronic control unit (ECU) performs the computations that are required to optimize both fuel delivery and ignition timing. electronically controlled injection system

Apr 11, 2014 Electronic Fuel Injection System 1. Electronic Fuel Injection By Dr. S. John Alexis 2. A modern gasoline injection system uses pressure from an electric fuel pump to spray fuel into the engine intake manifold. 3. Like a carburetor, it must provide the engine with the correct airfuel mixture for specific operating conditions.

[1, 2 1. 1 Fuel Injection system It is the most important part of the powertrain of an automobile. Fuel Injection system basically calculates the amount of fuel that is needed to be injected inside the engine cylinder based on various engine parameters. Electronic fuel injection replaced the Carburetor in The injectors are mounted in the intake manifold so that they spray fuel directly at the intake valves. A pipe called the fuel rail supplies pressurized fuel to all of the injectors. In order to provide the right amount of fuel, the engine control unit is equipped with a whole lot of sensors. electronically controlled injection system ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION. When the plunger rises, it opens a valve and the injector sends fuel through the spray tip and into either the intake manifold, just upstream of the intake valve, or directly into the cylinder. The former system is called multiport fuel injection and the latter is direct injection.

signed to control the injection pressure following and between each injection to prevent secondary injections or other undesirable injection line pressure characteristics. B. Electrical Circuitry (Figure 1. 2 and 1. 3) The DE pump only incorporates one sensor, a thermistor that provides the Engine Control Module (ECM) with fuel temperature data. electronically controlled injection system Automotive computer and Fuel system. STUDY. Which of the following is not a common method used to control fuel injection system? Pneumatic system. Theis not one of the subsystem of an electronic fuel injection system. Idle solenoid system. A coldstart injector is active by a(n). Highpressure, fuel injection systems for high and mediumspeed diesel engines. Woodwards electronic fuel injection systems meet the primary challenges of existing and future engine designimprove engine performance and durability and meet mandated emissions targets. Electronic injection systems. The main difference between electronic injection and mechanical injection is that an electronic system is controlled by a complex microprocessor control unit (sometimes called an electronic control unit or ECU), which is basically a miniature computer. Examples include the Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injector (HEUI) and the Mechanically actuated Electronically Controlled (MEUI) systems by Caterpillar, and a number of systems by Cummins such as the Accumulator Pump System (CAPS), Quantum CELECT, HPI, and XPI injection systems.

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