Automated waste collection system malaysia

2019-10-21 14:10

Waste Management Solutions More STREAM Automated Waste Collection Systems (AWCS), also known as a Pneumatic Waste Conveying System transports municipal or domestic solid waste through underground pipes at a high speed from the waste chutes and outdoor load stations into a sealed container located up to 2. 5km away.About Us. On May 14, 2013, AWSM signed an agreement with Ecosir Group OY of Finland (a leading pneumatic waste system provider) for the purchased and transfer of technology for Ecosirs XMIT 500TM pneumatic waste collection system thus enabling AWSM to market and install the system in Malaysia. Backed by experienced key personnel in project automated waste collection system malaysia

Quality in Every Aspect of the Business was the mantra driven by our founders. . Within 3 years, STREAM elevated itself as the market leader for Automated Waste Collection Systems (AWCS) in the UAE securing contracts valued more than AED 400 million. STREAM placed a foothold in 5 countries and has over 25 city grade references bagged in the pneumatic waste technology.

Envacs vacuum waste technology allows waste collection to become sustainable, smart and more costefficient. Our awardwinning system transforms city centres and residential areas into cleaner, more inviting places. Envacs pneumatic waste collection systems can be installed in existing city centres and integrated into the citys An automated vacuum waste collection system, also known as pneumatic refuse collection, or automated vacuum collection (AVAC), transports waste at high speed through underground pneumatic tubes to a collection station where it is compacted and sealed in containers. automated waste collection system malaysia Automated Waste System Full STREAM ahead towards a clean& green living environment As an developer, Tropez Residences is the first residential development in Johor Bahru to implement STREAM, a purposebuilt Automated Waste Collection System (AWCS) for a cleaner, greener& more costefficient waste handling.

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