Java system tray icon transparency

2019-08-18 04:17

Tray icons should set the following hints to help the system tray provide a nice user interface. The name and icon hints are used if the system tray needs to refer to a tray icon; for example, the system tray may present a list of tray icons and let the user reorder them or change their properties.I am developing a Java application with system tray. I am using SystemTray class avaiable on Java and png image for the icon. The image has transparent background and works fine on Windows and Mac, java system tray icon transparency

If the notification is shown, then fades is closed manually AND THEN app's tray icon and notifications change, next notification (with new message that was just set) will show app's icon correctly. java notifications windows10 systemtray trayicon

6 Answers. Make sure you tried both transparency options of PNG: transparent color index as well as alpha channel. Alpha channel is very common in Linux, not so in the Windows world. The resolution of your icon is too small. Do it in 64x64 or better 128x128. AFAIK there is no standard resolution for tray icons, and even if so, I'm looking to convert a transparent PNG image as an ImageSource into a System. Drawing. Icon that respects the transparency of the PNG. WPF can somehow do this internally if you set the icon for a window to a PNG ImageSource, but is there any way I can do this manually? java system tray icon transparency This is producing a good looking icon in my system tray from a png that starts at 100x100. It's worth noting that on a retina MacBook the icon looks worse scaled down. So I do a check elsewhere to see if it's running on a mac and don't apply this if it is.

Class TrayIcon. java. lang. Object. java. awt. TrayIcon. public class TrayIcon extends Object A TrayIcon object represents a tray icon that can be added to the system tray. A TrayIcon can have a tooltip (text), an image, a popup menu, and a set of listeners associated with it. java system tray icon transparency I did a little class with main to use system tray. All look to be ok except my. gif or. bmp or. jpg icon is never display on the system tray A zone in system tray is allowed for my icon but it's like my icon is transparent. I can add an ActionListener and a MouseListener and I have the popup message How to Use the System Tray. Note: The add () method can throw an AWTException if the operating system or the Java runtime determines that the icon cannot be added to the system tray. For example, an AWTException will be thrown by XWindow desktops if the system tray does not exist on the desktop. A Java icon is shown in the system tray whenever an applet written with Java technology is running. The Java icon provides easy access to the Java Control Panel and the Java Console. In addition, you can easily find information about the Java version. Jan 18, 2019 JavaFX will get it's own system tray support in a latter release once RT Provide system tray support is implemented. Until then, using the AWT system tray as demonstrated in the sample code in this gist seems to work fine.

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