Viega propress system

2019-08-17 14:37

Viega ProPress Systems. The global leader in plumbing, heating and pipe joining systems. Viega 2 www. viega. com. Our heritage of innovation and quality began in Attendorn, Germany, in 1899 when FranzAnselm Viegener introduced a new design in brass beer taps. By 1901, the company evolved and began manufacturing home plumbing products.Profipress. Press connector system with press connectors made of copper, gunmetal or silicon bronze tested in acc. with DVGW worksheet W 534 with DVGW test seal and pipes made of copper in acc. with DIN EN 1057 in acc. with DVGW worksheet GW 392. Suitable for drinking water installations in viega propress system

System press tools. Viega system press tools can be used with all metallic Viega press systems as well as for Geopress and PEXc press systems. The tested and proven system press machines Pressgun 5 and Pressgun Picco are equipped with the latest lithium ion technology, the highest battery capacity combined with optimal cold resistance.

ProPress is especially valuable in remodels. There is a lot less risk involved if you dont have to light a torch, especially in buildings with old and flammable products. Installing ProPress, youre going to get a better system than a soldered one. Viega ProPress is the most trusted and widely used press system to this day. With millions of systems installed worldwide and thousands installed every day, Viega ProPress has more applications, approvals and certifications than any press system. viega propress system Viega ProPress is a system that saves you this hassle. Available in both copper and stainless steel with multiple configurations, this innovative product is designed to suit a variety of applications to meet the needs of industry professionals.

Viega is the leading innovator in press fitting technology, with millions of MegaPress and ProPress fittings installed worldwide in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Compared to any other pipe joining system, Viega fittings make it easier to keep projects on viega propress system Searching for VIEGA PROPRESS products? Grainger's got your back. Easy ordering& convenient delivery. Login or register for your pricing. Explore the plumbing, mechanical and process piping applications that work best for your project. Viega offers propress copper press connections, pex plumbing systems, press fittings for carbon steel pipes and much more. Locate your nearest Viega distributor today to learn more. Viega is the only manufacturer with press systems in multiple pipe joining materials. Viega ProPress for copper and stainless and Viega MegaPress for black iron help reduce installation time up to 60 and. are approved for use in the largest range of applications. Viega ProPress Systems Available in copper and two grades of stainless steel, Viega ProPress systems can help reduce installation time up to 60 percent compared to traditional methods of pipe joining. Soldering and welding copper or stainless pipe can be messy and time consuming, and connections are not always reliable.

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