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Cubify CubeX Duo 3D Printer, Lowest prices with free next day delivery available.Mar 07, 2017 CubeX Duo. The Cubify CubeX Duo comes with software called Invent and is compatible with Windows and Mac based operating systems but does not work with Linux. The unit does not connect to your PC via USB cable as it uses the available SD card input as the primary source of data input and transfer. cubex duo de 3d systems

CubeX 3D Printer. The warranty period for the CubeX 3D printer is the shorter of (i) 90 days from the date your CubeX 3D printer is activated or (ii) 24 months after the CubeX 3D Printer is shipped from 3D Systems to the end customer or intermediary. Page 5: Important Safety Information

3D SYSTEMS University CubeX 3D Printer CubeX Duo and Trio Only After leveling the Print Pad, the print tips must be set to the same level to ensure that the tips not is use do not interfere with the print and to provide a consistent zgap across all the print tips. 1. Use the Move function to raise the Print 3D Systems offers a comprehensive line of software solutions that cover everything from scanning to part and tool design to subtractive and additive manufacturing and inspection. Use our software solutions to increase your productivity, shorten your delivery time, and get quality results. cubex duo de 3d systems Oct 30, 2014 Cubify CubeX Duo Review. The CubeX Duo supports both PLA and ABS filament, although the more expensive ABS variety requires an aftermarket heated printing platter. The software that comes with the CubeX Duo is a proprietary 3D printing program, unlike the opensource software that comes with some other printers, such as the MakerBot Replicator.

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