Effective control systems in management

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How can the answer be improved?CHARACTERISTICS OF EFFECTIVE CONTROL SYSTEMS Effective control systems have certain characteristics. 7. Coordinated with the Organization's Work Flow. Control information needs to be coordinated with the flow of work through the organization for two reasons: (1) each step in the work process may affect the success or failure of the entire operation, effective control systems in management

Aug 16, 2012 The following are the essential or basic requirements of an effective management control system: . Suitable: The control system must be suitable for the kind of activity intended to serve. Apart from differences in the systems of control in different business, they also vary from department to department and from one level in the organization to the other.

Flexibility. An effective control system is highly flexible. This means it has overall data acquisition and data processing capabilities that management can adapt to changing conditions. If the data collected from one source are no longer reflective of the actual situation, management must Effective Organizational Control Systems. Acceptance by employees. Employee involvement in the design of controls can increase acceptance. Availability of information when needed. Deadlines, time needed to complete the project, costs associated with the project, and priority needs are apparent in these criteria. Costs are frequently attributed to time shortcomings or failures. effective control systems in management Effective Control SystemEngineering Modern industries use control systems which are a blend of various technologies including electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics and mechanics. The quality of this blend determine factors like: functionality, reliability and price.

Effective Control System (9 Principles of Designing Effective Control System) Matching controls to plans and position. Ensuring flexibility to control. Ensuring accuracy. Seeking objectivity of controls. Achieving the economy of controls. Tailoring control to individual managers. Pointing up effective control systems in management Essentials of Effective Control System in Management. When standards are set unilaterally by upper level managers, there is a danger that employees will regard those standards as unreasonable or unrealistic. Motivate People to High Performance: A control system is most effective when it motivates people to high performance. Dec 02, 2002 Systems management can be a failing prospect if you don't have the four key elements in place. Learn how ignoring processes, data, tools, and organization can stop your systems management effort Characteristics of an effective control system (according to CliffNotes. com): A focus on critical points. For example, controls are applied where failure cannot be tolerated or where costs cannot

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