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Modular Force Field System (or MFFS) is a modification for Minecraft that extends upon the functionality of Industrial Craft 2. It adds a forcefield system capable of a multitude of functionality. Modular Force Field System has its own Creative Tab for its blocks and items.Apr 13, 2019 Modular Force Field Systems (MFFS) Table of Contents; Notice: MFFS is a redesign of ThunderDark's Modular Forcefields by Calclavia. This version is a groundup rewrite of the old version to depend on Resonant Engine and Universal Electricity. In this version, Fortron is used as the main power source for the force fields. modular force field system wiki fr

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You will want a MFFS Multi Tool (Wrench) so you can rotate and remove the MFFS units because they are indestructable once placed unless in creative if you do not have the tool. After you get A LOT of monazit ore, since you will need a lot to power the forcefield(s) that you are going to be Sep 24, 2017  Modular Force Field System is a mod originally made by Thunderdark, but when he became unable to continue making updates for it, he passed it on to two people. One of those people was Calclavia. Calclavia took the mod in in a completely different direction, rewriting it for the Universal Electricity Core API rather than the IndustrialCraft 2 API. He then added many other features in, such modular force field system wiki fr Modular Force Field System, MFFS, is a mod by Darkcow, formally by Caclavia. It adds new items and blocks into the game to give players a new way to protect there base or home from unwanted visitors or mobs. Blocks Biometric Identifier, Coercion Deriver, Force Field Projector, Fortron Capacitor

Mar 25, 2015 the first minecraft mod and video force fields that keeps your base safe! download it here: modular force field system wiki fr Jul 09, 2018  Modular Forcefield System Mods. Download Latest File File. Overview File Image Issues Source Relations Dependencies Dependents Follow. Game Version Filter. Feb 16, 2014  Minecraft Mod Spotlight: Modular Force Field System! so here it is! a full explanation on how to get the force field working correctly, Modular ForceField System (or MFFS for short) is a very versatile mod that lets you create many different types of forcefields, with loads of options for you to customize. It is compatible with Universal Electricity, BuildCraft, and IndustrialCraft's energy system. It is also configurable to not use any power at all and be played with in vanilla. Jan 21, 2018 Modular Force Field System is a mod originally made by Thunderdark and passed on to Minalien and Imalune. Minalien and Imalune's version stuck true to the original, being open source and just being a forcefield mod, as well as using IndustrialCraft 2's power system, Energy Units. There is a version for the Universal Electricity Core API, which is also called Modular Force Field System.

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