Soft handoff in cdma systems

2019-08-23 15:06

Abstract This article presents an overview of soft handoff, an idea which is becoming quite important because of its use in the IS95 codedivision multiple access (CDMA) cellular phone standard. The benefits and disadvantages of using soft handoff over hard handoff are discussed, with most results drawn from the available literature.Explain the following two types of hand off in CDMA system: a. ) Soft handoff b. ) Softer handoff. a. ) Soft handoff. Soft handoff is a feature in which a cellular phone is simultaneously connected to two or more cellular phones during a single call. soft handoff in cdma systems

1. Handoffs in CDMA. CDMA systems support handoffs of the mobile from one cell to another while the mobile is in the Idle state, the Access state, or the Traffic Channel state: Idle Transition from one cell to another while in the Idle state must be a hard handoff. Access Handoffs during Access are permitted only in TIAEIA95, but not in IS95A.

Soft handover (SHO) is one of the fundamental features of code division multiple access (CDMA) systems such as universal mobile telecommunication system (UMTS), and it is SoftSofter Handoff Concepts Last updated: October 28, 2004 This section is only applicable to the lab application. The CDMA system uses the softsofter handoff technique to improve receptions when mobile stations move between cellssectors (on cellsector boundaries). (See Soft Handoff vs. Softer Handoff. ) soft handoff in cdma systems Soft Handoff. Cellular systems track mobile stations in order to maintain their communication links. When mobile station goes to a neighbor cell, the communication link switches from the current cell to the neighbor cell. When a mobile enters in a new area (from the base station to another base station), the mobile is the second pilot

How can the answer be improved? soft handoff in cdma systems The Importance Of Soft Handoff In power controlled CDMA systems soft handoff is preferred over hard handoff strategies. This is more pronounced when the IS95 standard is considered wherein the transmitter [the base station power is adjusted dynamically during the operation.

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