Merits and demerits of mansabdari system of akbar

2019-09-20 16:07

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Mansabdari System in the Mughal Empire. A dishonest mansabdar could, for instance, recruit less than the specified number of troops as indicated by his swar rank and get the salaries paid to the fictitious men, or alternatively, get fictitious payrolls prepared in the name of nonexistent person,Merits: Mansabdari system was a progressive system adopted by Akbar for the reorganization of the army. No other Indian ruler had ever thought and planned on such lines as followed by Akbar. merits and demerits of mansabdari system of akbar

But this system was stopped by the Akbar and he was formed an army to reduce the financial losses. There were few demerits of mansabder system such as mansabders used to avoid emperor and live a luxurious life, they misuse the money and revenue, mansabder used to generate loyalty to the soldiers to establish their power.

Role of Mansabdari and Jagirdari System During Mughal Empire. Abul Fazl states that Akbar provided 66 grades of Mansabdars ranging from commanders of 10 horsemen to 10, 000 horsemen but he gives a list of 33 grades of Mansabdars. Thus, the term Mansab decided the status of the holder in the graded official hierarchy, (iv) Forceful army: The removal of mansabdari system by Akbar justified his wisdom. This stopped the financial loss of the empire and a forceful army was formed which was capable of meeting any challenge. Demerits of Mansabdari System (i) Misuse of money: The mansabdars too became cunning. merits and demerits of mansabdari system of akbar Advantages and Disadvantages The mansabdari system was an improvement over the systems of tribal chieftainship and feudalism; it was a progressive and systematic method adopted by Akbar to reorganize his army within the fold of despotic monarchy.

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