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This ice therapy machine is made with a blue and white design. It uses an Active Ice System which works to help relieve any pain you might have. This system also allows you to move freely around while wearing it. You can put water and ice into this machine (which holds up to 9 quarts) through its cooler lid.Active Ice Soft Knee Features: Insert stays cold up to an hour yet pliable. Comes with one large 12 x 10 nontoxic gel (Double Gel Pack) Linen liner inside prevents the gels from causing a freezer burn. Durable compression sleeve is design ed for daily use. Fits right and soft ice active therapy system uk

The 16 x 9. 5 x 8. 5, 5. 5 lb Active Ice Therapy System by Polar Products is a good motorized option that has an adjustable flow rate temperature control. Its users like that it is simple to use and has a large 9 qt cooler compartment, but also note that the motor produces a low humming noise.

Active Ice 3. 0 Shoulder Cold Therapy System with 9 Quart Cooler (Herniated Disc). New Active Ice 3. 0 Shoulder Cold Therapy System is equipped with a quiet, highefficiency pump that provides steady, effective cooling. Specifically designed for postsurgery, drugfree pain relief Polar's cold and hot therapy products provide natural, drugfree pain management for chronic pain, acute injuries and postsurgery. Our bestselling Active Ice System has been described by our customers as a lifesaver after surgery! (Read what they have to say! ) Medical professionals love our customized Soft Ice packs as a marketing tool. soft ice active therapy system uk Active Ice. By combining water with a nontoxic solution we provide a comfortable, long term cold therapy device that is malleable direct from the freezer. Latexfree elastic straps provide the soft compression most medical professionals prescribe postoperatively or postinjury. No matter where you're injured: knee, shoulder, wrist, elbow, back,

Dec 11, 2012 Look for a cold therapy system that can deliver therapy for several hours or longer. This enables the patient to gain the proven healing and painrelief benefits of cold therapy. 3. Adjustable temperature controls. Cold therapy has been shown in numerous studies to decrease pain and muscle spasms, reduce tissue damage and swelling. soft ice active therapy system uk May 30, 2012 Soft ice active therapy system 1. Download this document if link is not clickableSoft Ice Active Therapy System List Price: 175. 00 Price: 149. 95 Average Customer Rating 3. 7 out of 5 Product Feature q After Surgery Pain Relief! Polar Products Active Ice Therapy System 2. 0 by Polar Products Inc. Our unit delivers localized cold therapy to the patient either in home or during their Designed especially for after surgery when serious pain relief is required. Polar Active Ice Cold Therapy System on Vimeo Active Ice: Cold Therapy PackWraps Active Ice has a passion for two things quality cold wrap products and wound protectors for the entire body. Active Ice knows that wraps or ice packs that don't stay cold are a waste of time and money, which is why they make the longest lasting gels anywhere.

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