Flaws of education system in pakistan ppt

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Jan 28, 2016 EDUCATION System in Pakistan. 5 December, 2008. 1. Contents. PART I Constitution of Pakistan Organization& Functions PART II Education Scenario Financing Education Policy Other Programmes. 2. Constitution of Pakistan. 3. PowerPoint PPT PresentationThere are many factors that affect the education system. Culture, technology, and economical matters give much impact to the education system of a country. The regulation made by the government affects how the education system works in a country. The education system in Indonesia still uses the oneway communication. flaws of education system in pakistan ppt

The process of curriculum development is facing serious issues in Pakistan. These issues are interference of bureaucrats, the absence of involvement of school teachers etc. Experts sitting in curriculum development boards do not use academic resources properly for revising outdated sections of school textbooks.

Flaws in education system. Pakistan is one of only 12 countries in the world that spend less than two per cent of its GDP on education. Corruption is one of the major contributing factors for failure of educational policy. It is due to lack of accountability and transparency along with low salaries of the staff. Mar 03, 2019 Flaws in the Education System of Pakistan: In Pakistani Education System, there are a lot of flaws and issues that must be addressed as soon as possible. We are listing the issues and flaws in the Education System of Pakistan and will be sharing the solutions as well. flaws of education system in pakistan ppt Jan 28, 2016  More flaws of education system in Pakistan. By Arslan Muzamil On Jan 28, 2016 583 3. We all know the importance of education. It is the most critical part of any countrys survival today. Education builds the nations; it determines the future of a nation.

Feb 06, 2014 Educational funds are very low. Ghost schools and untrained teachers cause flaws in the education system of Pakistan. All these issues contribute to high illiteracy rate in Pakistan. Solutions for educational system in Pakistan: Government has to take solid steps to remove the flaws in our educational system. flaws of education system in pakistan ppt May 30, 2013  Pakistans educational system is stratifiedaccording to socioeconomic class. Every stratum of society has its owndifferent kind of education system withdistinct syllabus and textbooks. These different systems of education, withtheir own curricula, are widening the gulfamong social classes and drifting themaway from national unity. 32. Flaws in Pakistan Education System. Presumably the existing education system of the country has failed to deliver matching response to the call of our national objectives and aspirations. Introduction Education plays an important role in political stability, economic development and social progress of a nation. Mar 02, 2015 Issues. Due to the problems in education system of Pakistan, the country is lagging behind in achieving its MDGs of education. The MDGs have laid down two goals for education sector: Goal 2: The goal 2 of MDGs is to achieve Universal Primary Education (UPE) and by 2015, children everywhere, boys and girls alike, Flaws of Education System in Pakistan. The schools in Balochistan (the largest province of Pakistan by Area) are not that much groomed as that of Punjab (the largest province Of Pakistan by Population). In FATA, the literacy rate is deplorable constituting 29. 5 in males and 3 in females. The third major cause of flawed education system in Pakistan

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