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2019-08-21 17:22

Customers of the Beddis Water Service Area were issued a boil water advisory on Sunday due to a break in a major water main. The Capital Regional District issued the alert Sunday evening. Around 60 customers out of the 127 in the district were without water or had reduced service for a few hours before the main was repaired.The CRD have advised that the Boil water advisory for the Beddis Water System has been rescinded: (CRD) Public Service Announcement For Immediate Release January 2, 2019 Boil Water Advisory Rescinded for Beddis Water Service Area (Salt Spring Island) Victoria, BC The boil water advisory is now rescinded for the Beddis Water Service Area. beddis water system

The Beddis water system was upgraded in 2005 to include one centralized treatment plant consisting of dissolved air flotation, filtration, disinfection with ultra violet light and chlorine disinfection, and a new 20, 000 imperial gallon storage tank (Sky Valley).

Oct 11, 2018 of 7, 340 for water treatment facility booster pump replacement; and, 3. Recommend that the Electoral Area Services Committee recommend that the CRD Board approve the 2019 Operating and Capital Budget and the five year Financial Plan for the Beddis Water Service as presented. The Beddis system was able to repressurize without any incidents and the boil water advisory for that system was given the all clear by Island Health on Jan. 2. HighlandFernwood residents were able to drink their tap water again on Jan. 6 after repairs and testing were complete. beddis water system 2. 624 Water Beddis SSI The Beddis Water System provides drinking water to a local service area consisting of approximately 130 lots in the Beddis subdivision on the east side of North Salt Spring Island.

How can the answer be improved? beddis water system The Beddis Water system also draws water from Cusheon Lake. It is filtered and chlorinated, but the taste leaves a bit to be desired especially in summer when there is an algae bloom. The water is then pumped to a tank on Lautman Road and from there to another tank on Sky Valley Road. It serves about 125 houses on the Sky Valley Road east, Mar 18, 2019 have caused the Beddis Water System on Salt Spring Island to have reduced pressure or no water service. Due to the depressurization, a system wide BOIL WATER ADVISORY is being issued effectively immediately by the CRD in consultation with Island Health. Lincolns drinking water is safe and has not been at risk of contamination throughout the entire flood recovery process. . Thanks to the incredible efforts of our work crews, water production has been increased and water use restrictions have been lifted for Lincoln Water System users. The Beddis Water System on Salt Spring Island. (CRD). The Capital Regional District said the boil water advisory for the Beddis Water Service Area on Salt Spring Island has been rescinded.

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