Cross compiling boost system

2019-08-17 15:11

May 15, 2008 Cross compiling Boost Boost is a truly excellent C library, and something that all C programmers should be familiar with. It's a set of peerreviewed extensions to the standard C library and is an excellent weapon in your C arsenal.I was able to get past this issue by compiling boost libraries as static ones as opposed to dynamic ones. I was told that the original issue has to do something with setting the rpath cross compiling boost system

I am using a 32 Bit Ubuntu system and my goal is to compile my C program for arm architecture (beagleblack). However, my C program needs libboost meaning I get errors like this while compiling

I'm trying to crosscompile the Boost library for an ARM platform (poky toolchain) and I'm new to cross compilation. I'm having issues at the first step running bootstrap. sh. I see many posts regarding boost crosscompilation, but not so many helping at the bootstrap level. Oct 03, 2011  Cross Compiling Boost C Libraries for ARM. Ten Boost libraries are already included in the C Standards Committees Library Technical Report and will be in the new C11 Standard. The Boost C libraries are already included in popular Linux and Unix distributions such as Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu and NetBSD and are used by projects such as Python, Xibo, Civilization IV, etc. . cross compiling boost system I cannot get my cross compile to link to the boost libraries in my buildroot. How can I get catkincmake to find the correct libraries (using the arm native libraries in my buildroot instead of the i386 system

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