Filesystemwatcher over ftp

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Also, does the FileSystemWatcher trigger when a new file is completely written to the FTP or do I have to do some kind of check to make sure it's done uploading before I retreive the file? Thanks Monday, May 29, 2006 2: 34 PMC# FileSystemWatcher And FTP. Ask Question 7. 8. I monitor files that are dropped on a ftp via filesystem watcher then move to another dir. Now I trigger the copy off the create event of the filesystem watcher but obviously in the case of ftp the create is just a stub file and the data comes in and fills the file as it uploads till complete filesystemwatcher over ftp

FileSystemWatcher path with FTP (credentials) my point was there is no way to get the FileSystemWatcher to work over FTP. You'd have to rollyourown component to get the equivilent functionality. Rate this: Please Sign up or sign in to vote. Solution 3. Accept Solution Reject Solution. You cannot use FileSystemWatcher class with FTP

You cannot use the FileSystemWatcher or any other way, because the FTP protocol does not have any API to notify a client about changes in the remote directory. . All you can do its to periodically iterate the remote tree and find changes. It's actually rather easy to implement, if you use an FTP client that supports recursive listing of a remote tree. Mar 22, 2010 FileSystemWatcher for ftp websites path? hi all, i need to watch a folder on ftp website using a windows service, i can watch local folder using filesystemwatcher class, but i cant understand how to give path of ftp site with passeord and username cedintials. The FileSystemWatcher relies on Windows notifications over the local machine or filesystemwatcher over ftp Nov 17, 2005 UNC, ftp, FileSystemWatcher. C# C Sharp Forums on Bytes. drive letter to the ftp site, I could use the FileSystemWatcher class to monitor the ftp site. Explorations: In Windows Server 2000, I have not found any way yet to mount an ftp site with a drive letter.

May 12, 2006 FileSystemWatcher and FTP. C# C Sharp Forums on Bytes. Need help? Post your question and get tips& solutions from a community of 424, 578 IT Pros& Developers. filesystemwatcher over ftp I have made a software using FileSystemWatcher to scan that shared directory for any new file. As soon there is any new file, this software should store some information to MSSQL database. The problem is, when I am uploading file through FTP client, this software FileSystemWatcher is not firing any event.

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