Chapter 3 court systems

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Aug 10, 2014  CHAPTER 3 Court Systems. 31 Forms of Dispute Resolution 32 The Federal Court System 33 State Court Systems. 31 Forms of Dispute Resolution. GOALS Explain how disputes can be settled without going to court Name the different levels of courtsView Notes BUL3310 Ch 3 Notes from BUL 3310 at Florida State University. Chapter 3 Court Systems Chapter 3 question: you are the president of a company of chapter 3 court systems

Chapter 3 SLIDE 12 33 State Court Systems GOALS Compare the structure of a typical state court system with the structure of the federal courts Explain the jurisdictions of the specialized courts in a typical state system

CHAPTER 3 CHAPTER SUMMARY THE COURT SYSTEM FEDERAL COURTS. District Courts. trial courts of general jurisdiction that can hear and decide most legal controversies in the Federal system. Courts of Appeals. hear appeals from the district courts Section 3. 3 State Court Systems. State Trial Courts. Also known as circuit courts, these state courts are the court of record (criminal and civil) with general original jurisdiction. State Court of Appeals. An appeal from a court of record is typically reviewed by a panel of judges in a state court of appeals. chapter 3 court systems Business Law: Chapter 3 Court Systems. litigate. To place a dispute before a court of law for resolution. mediation. A method of settling disputes outside of court by using the services of a neutral third party, called a mediator. The mediator acts as a communicating agent between the parties and suggests ways in which the parties can resolve

Chapter 3 Court Systems Forms of Dispute Resolution Parties can either negotiate a settlement themselves, or invite an independent third party to act as a mediator. Or, the parties can get an arbitrator. Mediator tries to develop a solution acceptable to both sides of the dispute, and the actions of the mediator are not legally binding. chapter 3 court systems Start studying Chapter 3 Court Systems. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Unformatted text preview: Chapter 3: The Court System Notes Court Personnel Judges Jurors Lawyers Judges Trial Judges o Set calendars, oversee discovery, manage the trial, rule on motions and evidentiary objections, charge the jury with the applicable law, etc. Ex: AthensClarke County Superior Court (State) Ex: USDC for the Middle District of Georgia (Federal A typical state legal system, like the federal system, typically has 3 levels of courts with general jurisdiction. True The state supreme courts issue the final decision on

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