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Mandate. Mandate, an authorization granted by the League of Nations to a member nation to govern a former German or Turkish colony. The territory was called a mandated territory, or mandate. Following the defeat of Germany and Ottoman Turkey in World War I, their Asian and African possessions, which were judged not yet readywhy did the league of nations fail. The mandate system was established by the treaties ending World War I. Under this system, the victors of World War I were given responsibility for governing former German and Ottoman territories as mandates from the League. define mandate system ww1

League of Nations mandate. Two governing principles formed the core of the Mandate System, being nonannexation of the territory and its administration as a sacred trust of civilisation to develop the territory for the benefit of its native people.

The result was the mandate system of the League of Nations, established by the treaties ending World War I. How can the answer be improved? define mandate system ww1 Feb 28, 2018  Mandate System. The mandate system was a mechanism set up by the League of Nations after WW1, allowing the victorious powers to govern enemy colonies until the natives were fit to rule themselves. The colonies were called 'mandates

A: The mandate system was established by the League of Nations after World War I. The system was established to set regulations pertaining to territories transferred between countries. define mandate system ww1 Defining the Mandate System. The League of Nations was formed on the idea of collective security, or the concept that by working together to ensure the security of all nations, each nation would, in turn, ensure its own security. At the time, this was then a novel approach to international governance.

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