Calamus obturation system

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Used Dental Endodontic Equipment Dentsply Calamus Dual Obturation System. Calamus Dual is an integrated device designed for warm vertical obturation. It contains Pack handpiece that are used for down pack and Flow handpiece for backfill techniques to obturate the root canal system. The Calamus Dual device can only be used with Calamus Singles guttapercha cartridges and CalamusThe Calamus Flow System Includes: Calamus Console Flow Handpiece 10 Calamus Singles (20 gauge) 10 Calamus Singles (23 gauge) Bending Tool Cleaning Brush Heat Shield Additional Cartridge Nut Instruction Manual (DFU) Reference Card Learn more about the Calamus Family here. calamus obturation system

Page 7: Intended Use. The Dual contains handpieces that are used for down pack (Pack) and backfill (Flow) techniques to obturate the root canal system. The Pack handpiece is intended to heat Electric Heat Pluggers for warming and softening guttapercha master cones and searing off guttapercha cones.

The Calamus DUAL brings the Flow and the Pack together in one convenient, spacesaving system. Use the Pack to create an effective apical plug, then use the Flow to deliver the guttapercha backfill at the perfect temperature and flow rate. Comes with: Sep 15, 2015  Calamus Warm Vertical Master Cone Fit DENTSPLY Dr. Tom McClammy presents the techniques and nuances of fitting a master cone in a warm vertical obturation procedure, featuring the Calamus calamus obturation system calamus dual 3d obturation system The Calamus Dual 3D Obturation System is one unit that conveniently combines both Calamus Pack and Calamus Flow handpieces (Figure 3). The Calamus Pack handpiece is the heat source that, in conjunction with an appropriately sized electric heat plugger (EHP), is utilized to thermosoften, remove

Apr 23, 2013 Operation of the Calamus Pack handpiece. The Pack is part of the Calamus family of warm vertical obturation products. calamus obturation system INDICATIONS FOR USE: The Calamus Flow Obturation Delivery System is an obturation delivery system and hand piece device that is used for heating and placement of guttapercha. The Calamus Singles cartridges deliver warm guttapercha into the canal during root canal therapy. Calamus Flow is a motorized filling device that puts you in control. The ergonomic handpiece is comfortable to hold and offers a smooth, continuous expression of gutta percha for a reliable and predictable filling. Soft touch, touch consistent. Activation sleeve 360. The cartridges are convenient. For more than 20 years, DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties has helped clinicians achieve beautiful, precise and 3D fills. The Calamus Dual 3D Obturation System offers the best of both worlds in downpack and backfill obturation techniques by positioning the The Calamus Dual System Includes: Calamus Dual Console Pack and Flow Handpieces 10 Calamus Singles (20 gauge) 10 Calamus Singles (23 gauge) 3 Electric Heat Pluggers Cartridge Nut Cleaning Brush Heat Shield Bending Tool Instruction Manual (DFU) Reference Card Thermal Response Tip sold separately Learn more about the Calamus Family here.

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