Patrol gi modular sleep system

2019-08-25 17:24

Military Surplus Modular Sleep System (MSS) This 4 part system consists of two lightweight, durable, mummy style sleeping bags, a GoreTex bivy bag, and a stuff sack. This system is ideal for everything from mild to subzero weather. The Green Patrol Sleeping Bag and the Black Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag are the coreModular sleep system. It consists of a camouflaged, waterproof, breathable bivy cover, a lightweight patrol sleeping bag, and an intermediate coldweather sleeping bag (note that the color differs depending on the vintage of the gear). Compression sacks are included to store and carry the system. patrol gi modular sleep system

Amazon. com: usgi modular sleep system. New US Army Military Genuine Military Issue GI Woodland Camo Waterproof Sleep System Carrier SSC Bag MOLLE MSS. by Genuine Military Issue. US Military Modular System Patrol Sleeping Bag, Green. by Tennier. 24. 99 (6 used& new offers)

US GI Army ACU Improved Modular Sleep System Bivy Pack IMSS. The patrol sleeping bag is a threeseason, lightweight sleeping bag and the intermediate sleeping bag is a cold weather sleeping bag. The small compression stuff sack provides adequate space for two or three components of the system, while the large compression stuff sack holds all components of the system and compresses The 5 Part Modular Sleep System NSN# includes: The Patrol Bag is designed for use in temperate climates ranging from 30 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The Intermediate bag is designed for use in cold climates ranging from 10 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. When combined, along with the Bivy Cover as outermost layer, patrol gi modular sleep system This item US Military Modular System Green Patrol Sleeping Bag Urban Grey Intermediate Sleeping Bag ACU Part of 5 Piece Military Modular Sleep System US Military 4PC Weather Resistant Modular Sleep System with Waterproof GoreTex Cover

SLEEPING BAG SYSTEM MSS. Genuine U. S. Military Issue Modular Sleep System (MSS). The following is how this System is Rated (a) The Outer Green Patrol Bag is designed to be used in Temperatures down to patrol gi modular sleep system RFI MODULAR SLEEP SYSTEM 5 PART. You are here: Home ECWCS RFI MODULAR SLEEP SYSTEM 5 PART. The RFI sleep system is designed to provide comfort in temperatures ranging from 50F to 50F when wearing various layers of extreme cold weather clothing. 1 Cold Weather Patrol Sleeping Bag (Black) 1 Intermediate Sleeping Bag (Olive) 1 Breathable Waterproof Bivy Cover (Woodland Camouflage) The waterproof, breathable bivy cover is designed to keep the whole military sleep system dry. This military modular sleep system was designed in layers to trap in pockets of air and heat. Military. GI MODULAR SLEEP SYSTEM (MSS) COMPLETE 4 PART SYSTEM Genuine US military issue Modular Sleep System (MSS). National Stock Number. This patented state of the art system as been tested and proven effective by the military for bivouacking in The US Military Patrol Sleeping Bag is the lightest sleeping bag that belongs to the Modular Sleep System. This sleeping bag is designed to give soldiers a lightweight sleeping bag that can be used when the weather is not cold enough for the other components of the Modular Sleep System.

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