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Includes decoy, wings (Black 1 side, white on other), feet, 21 stake& user pull stringwrap handle, plus 3 drive cords, extra supplies& transport bag. (Stake slip fits into stake extension, sold separately). Custom Flocking options are below, for added realism& decoying ability. Weighs 5 pounds in box.Jul 24, 2013 The decoy and camo covers change out in less than a minute (there are 22 Slipcovers available for the unit) Here's a video geared toward elk hunting that outlines some of the applications benefits of this decoy System slip system decoy

The Elk Mountain Slip System is the most versatile portable blinddecoy system available. Designed for hunters and photographers that like to run and gun , this versatile device is also equipped with a camera adaptor, and a gun rest.

Jul 11, 2012 The system can be used with multiple decoy and blind options. For this hunt we chose to use the CAMO cover, as we did not want to get shot while hiding behind a turkey. We did use the turkey slip cover on a scouting trip, and it performed GREAT. Weve come up with a quick and easy modification for the SLIP System Turkey Decoy. Using a simple curtain grommet, you can quickly make a detachable tail fan, adding an extra element of realism to your decoy. The recipe for this easy modification can be found in the following video article: SLIP System Turkey Decoy with Tail Fan. slip system decoy Jun 04, 2012 The Elk Mountain Slip System is a blind, decoy, monopod, and trekking pole that help you to set up and slip in with the kind of protection needed to get close to game.

Dave Smith Decoys Mating Motion Jake. Its new Mating Motion Jake continues that tradition and adds a new dimension: motion. The decoy, while it can be used on its own, is designed to be paired with a breeding hen. A simple but effective system uses a pull cord attached to slip system decoy Jun 06, 2012 I purchased the Slip System with an Elk Decoy Slip and just wanted to know who else has used them and what are some of the reviews. I guess I am just anxious to use it this September. Also wondering if anybody uses two slips on it at one time. One on the front and a different one on the back. Aug 07, 2012 The Moo Cow is the most recent slipcover design for the Elk Mountain SLIP System, a combination blind, decoy, and trekking pole all in one, as you can see in their Promo Video Sep 05, 2013  System with one Decoy or camo slip of my choosing. it comes with instruction, a little DVD, V shaped rifleshotgun rest, a Cameracamcorder Apr 19, 2010 The most versatile portable stalking blind available today Check it out at: www. elkmtngear. com

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