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You can't do that. The Filter property only supports one filter at a time. From the documentation: Use of multiple filters such as. txt. doc is not supported. You need to create a FileSystemWatcher for each file type. You can then bind them all to the same set ofSep 06, 2006  HI. . I was working on FileSystemWatcher and everything went correct until when i thought of filtering multiple files. Most of the FileSystemWatcher's c# filesystemwatcher filter multiple

Jan 27, 2017 Visual C# https: social. msdn So i guess my question is how do I set multiple filters for various file extensions in one service? For instance, this is how am currently setting the filter for all document types. You could create multiple FileSystemWatcher instances, one per file type you want to respond to, but that all point to the

I want to send a file which has been found when the System Watcher has discoverd a created file ending with . txt , . doc or . docx . My Problem is that the System Watcher discover just files ending I am afraid that this is a wellknown bugfeature of the FileSystemWatcher class. This is from the documentation of the class: You may notice in certain situations that a single creation event generates multiple Created events that are handled by your component. c# filesystemwatcher filter multiple How do you set the to check only two files. Here's my code that doesn't even work. A workaround could be to use two FileSystemWatcher objects, one for. txtfiles and one for. inifiles, and use the same event handler(s) to handle both objects' events. A workaround could be

Aug 07, 2007 Download source code 13. 3 KB; Introduction. This code will show how to monitor multiple files by creating multiple instances of FileSystemWatcher. . Using the code. To use the code, the following namespaces must be referenced: c# filesystemwatcher filter multiple Moving a file is a complex operation that consists of multiple simple operations, therefore raising multiple events. Likewise, some applications (for example, antivirus software) might cause additional file system events that are detected by FileSystemWatcher. I want to monitor the following. New File being createdcopied to the directory; Existing file edited; I use the following code to subscribe to the created and changed event of the FileSystemWatcher class. I have noted some issues with FSW Class. . On replacing files, the changed event is

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