Savfile not founded please reset system r4

2019-10-19 08:55

Oct 19, 2011 R4CardDS. co. uk is the best place to buy R4 Card, R4i Card such as the Wood R4 Card, R4 Card SDHC, R4i SDHC Card, and R4i Gold Card. We also stock some popular DSi Cards: M3i Zero, Acekard 2i, Supercard DSTWO.Jul 24, 2014 Savfile not foundedPlease reset System Fix errore NDS This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Cmo Configurar EL R4 Revolution For DS y SDHC Dual Core savfile not founded please reset system r4

Apr 19, 2009 savfile not founded! please reset system now i know your going to say read above about filenames etc but my problem is, my 8gb card works fine in my other ttds carts! ! so it cant be the file system that making these errors I put my main 8gb card into this and no matter what game i selected, it loaded ridge racer!

Tengo el siguiente problema me he comprado hoy 22 enero una R4i gold y la puse en mi nds lite con el ultimo kernel, el caso es que lo tengo todo bien y cuando le doy a por ejemplo el zelda, spirit Oct 01, 2011 FIX ERRORE Savfile not founded! Please reset system R4i SDHC http: www. r4isdhc. com SCARICATE L'ULTIMO FIRMWARE PER LA VOSTRA SCHEDA FORMATTATE E COPIA savfile not founded please reset system r4 le R4. dat ne se boot pas en premier premire vue, sinon tu formates et tu recommences si le souci revient. pour le savfile not founded! please reset system c'est un bug de cette R4, un formatage parfois calme la chose, sinon tu met tes jeux direct la racine et le tour est jou si ce n'est que sur un jeu, tu le renomme en retirant

Aug 15, 2009 Please reset system. It Says that for Every games, While ago it was working and i was playing but then later when i try to show more Hello. I recently got my R4 DS, but the thing is when i load games on my ds from R4 ds its loads but it says savfile not founded! Please reset system. savfile not founded please reset system r4 Feb 22, 2009 Please reset system It tries to create the sav file when I first open the rom and then it says loading and then that comes up. This happens with 3 or 4, the others work perfectly. Oct 27, 2008 Please reset system (founded is not my typo that's what it displays). I have another DSTT card I have been using for about 6 months with no problems. When I put the Micro SD in my old DSTT it works fine so its not an issue with it. Dec 24, 2009 Hi, R4i SDCH arrived today and when put into my DSi (Software Version 1. 3E)I get the following problem: I put it in, click on R4 Start , then click on Games , a list of games come up, I then click on one and it comes up with Create Save File and then says Savfile not founded! Please reset system and it then locks up the DSi and I then have to reboot it. SAVfile not founded, please reset system Actualice el Kernel, cambi el menu, hice todas las sugerencias, hasta que me encuentro con un solucion que al momennto de verla dije Que pelotudo este, como va a ser asi! ? Pero despues vi los comentarios y me dedique a probar si era verdad! Y si funcion!

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