Soil erosion ecosystem services

2019-11-14 16:54

of soil ecosystem services Soil is priceless, yet calculated values of some ecosystem services are 17 trillion per year Biological nitrogen fixation by soil microorganisms contributes 50 billion per year Our essential natural resources soil, water, air Robust soil quality leads tovaluable benefits of soil erosion prevention for pollination, recreational value and carbon sequestration were also absent from this analysis. The researchers conclude that integrating the ecosystem services into regional planning, if done carefully, can have substantial and multiple benefits. Soil erosion study brings ecosystem services soil erosion ecosystem services

Accelerated soil erosion, driven by anthropogenic activities such as conversion of natural ecosystems to agroecosystems and mechanical tillage, has numerous adverse impacts on ecosystem services.

Soil erosion in terrestrial ecosystems, as an important global environmental problem, significantly impacts on environmental quality and social economy. By protecting soil from wind and water erosion, terrestrial ecosystems supply human beings with soil erosion control service, one of the fundamental ecosystem services that ensure human welfare. Soil ecosystem services are diverse, valuable, and underappreciated. They are classified as provisioning, regulating, supporting, and cultural services. This paper is the product of a Soil Science Society of America task force convened to define and value ecosystem services derived from soil for soil erosion ecosystem services Soil formation& prevention of soil erosion; Suppression of pests and diseases; To provide a framework of how ecosystems provide for human lives the term 'Ecosystem Approach' and 'Ecosystem Services' are being used. The 'Ecosystem Approach' is to assist decision makers to take full account of ecological systems and their associated biodiversity.

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