Describe the federal system of government in nigeria

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System of government in which powers are divided between the national government and state or local governments. Expressed Powers. Powers directly stated in the Constitution by the Founding Fathers. Implied Powers. Authority that the national government requires to carry out the powers that are expressly defined in the Constitution.Jun 30, 2016  Before we start discussing federalism in Nigeria, it is pertinent to know what federalism really is. Federalism can be seen as a system of government in which governmental powers that exist in a country are shared between central government and other component units i. e. state and local government. describe the federal system of government in nigeria

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Fiscal Federalism and Service Delivery in Nigeria: The Role of States and Local Governments Prepared for the Nigerian PER Steering Committee by Stuti Khemani July 24, 2001 Introduction 1. The relative roles of the three tiers of governmentthe federal government, the Sep 18, 2014 A federal system of government is a political entity characterized by a union of partially selfgoverning states or regions under a central (federal) government. It is one that divides the powers of government between the national (federal) government and state and local governments. describe the federal system of government in nigeria When the founding fathers of Nigeria opted for a federal system of government in 1954, as opposed to a unitary system, it was a conscious decision designed to protect the diversities and

Before and right after independence. It is also defined as the system of government in which governmental powers are shared between the central government, i. e. the federal government and its components (state and local government). Bernard Bourdillon the Governorgeneral at that time initiated and laid the foundation of federalism in Nigeria in 1939 describe the federal system of government in nigeria In summary, a workable definition of a federal system of government should first highlight the existence of a general level of government of the federation, as well as a set of regional governments of the member units in which neither level is subordinate to the other, nor has the power to abolish the other. Jul 27, 2018 That is up to the Nigeria people to decide, they have had authoritarian governments and colonial government and neither worked for the people of Nigeria so a federalist based government that gives each countyprovidence ab equal say in what its government is doing may just work for them Note: Federal Character applies to the cabinet. Responses that state administration, officials or government earn credit. Responses that state legislature do not earn credit. Part (c): 1 point is earned for an identification of the type of electoral system used in Nigeria. Nigeria is a Federal Republic composed of 36 States, and a Capital Territory, with an elected President and a Bicameral Legislature. It operates the Presidential system of Government with three distinct but complementary arms namely the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary, each acting as a check on the other two.

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