Solaris list file system type

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Default Solaris File Systems. Some of the most basic commands in the usr file system (like mount) are also included in the root ( ) file system. As such, they are available when the system boots or is in singleuser mode, and usr is not mounted. For more detailed information on the default directories for the root ( ) and usr file systems,Sep 01, 2006 Linux how to determine the file system type. These files can be spread out over several devices and they can be remote or local file system. Linux supports numerous file system types. For example it supports Ext2, . Ext3, NFS, FA16, FAT32, NTFS, Sysfs, Procfs etc. To determine the file system type or to find out what type of file systems currently solaris list file system type

How can we find specific type of files i. e. doc pdf files present in nested directories. command I tried: ls R grep. doc but if there is a file name like alok. doc. txt the command will display How to list specific type of files in recursive directories in shell? Browse other questions tagged linux unix shell commandline command or

Solaris uses VFS(Virtual File system) architecture which provides a standard interface for different file system types and enables basic operations such as reading, writing and listing files. UFS(Unix File System) is the default file system for Solaris. It starts with the root directory. This book is for anyone responsible for administering one or more systems that run the Oracle Solaris 11 release. The book covers a range of Oracle Solaris system administration topics related to managing removable media, disks and devices and file systems. Topics are described for both SPARC and x86 based systems, where appropriate. solaris list file system type As of v. 2. 18 (July 2010) utillinux includes a tool that allows you to display a list of currently mounted file systems: findmnt You can switch from the default tree view to list view with l, define output columns with o (similar to lsblk), filter results based on filesystem type with t etc

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