Hp system management default password linux

2019-09-21 00:32

HP server management is consolidated with the Webbased HP System Management tool. Manage both Windows and Linuxbased HP servers by viewing1Productoverview hp system management default password linux

Anyone know the default password for System Management Homepage in Linux? or even how to reset it in Red Hat 5 Enterprise

Reset HP System Management Homepage Password. First, navigate to and open up cpqhmmd. ini with notepad (or similar). Set the following values: [HMMDConfiguration AnonymousAccessTrue Save the file and then open up cpqhmmdx. ini from the same directory. The Operating System Groups screen enables you to add operating system groups to HP SMH. Add or delete operating system groups in HP SMH. The following options are available: To add groups: At the prompt, enter 1 to add a group. The Add Operating System Groups screen displays the operating system group lists. hp system management default password linux in order to reset system management homepage password, will uninstallation of smh and rebooting of server and reinstallation of smh will work.

On Linux operating systems, System Management Homepage is installed with default settings. The settings are configurable by way of the perl script located at usrlocalhp. On Windows operating systems, the installation enables you to configure the System hp system management default password linux Re: HP System Management Homepage user name& password? Setting a root password thus enabling the root account, and then logging into the HP System Management Homepage as root worked. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction guys.

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