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System. out will output to the server's console. It is not appropriate for use in a JSP page. Use the normal JSP mechanisms. [Asking smart questions [ [Books by BearUsing System. out. println () This includes Servlets, JSP, RMI, EJB's, ordinary Beans and classes, and standalone applications. Compared to stopping at breakpoints, writing to System. out doesn't interfere much with the normal execution flow of the application, which makes it jsp system out

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Scriptlets. JSP also allows you to write blocks of Java code inside the JSP. You do this by placing your Java code between characters (just like expressions, but without the sign at the start of the sequence. ) This block of code is known as a scriptlet . By itself, a JSTL Core Tag. The tag displays the result of an expression. This is almost similar to the way works. The difference here is that tag lets you use the simpler . . For example, to access use the tag. jsp system out System. out. println in jsp. posted 8 years ago As, Bear pointed out, System. out. println will print in the console, means in the server logs, not in the resulting page, out. println, will print in the resulting page, so if you are sure, its not printing in the console, can you tell, are

What is System. out. println. System. out. println is a Java statement that prints the argument passed, into the System. out which is generally stdout. System is a final class in java. lang package. out is a static member field of System class and is of type PrintStream. Its access specifiers are public final. jsp system out 2 Answers. System. out writes to the servlet container's console (usually a log file); out is a different class entirely which writes to the output stream for the generated response. When a JSP is turned into code, it (in theory, and with Tomcat, in fact) goes through two steps: JSP servlet source code, then servlet source code class.

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