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Jul 05, 2013 EPost Office mini project in Asp. Net EPost Office is the postal service Online portal. It sells Postcards, Packets, Stamps, and Cartons and has services like courier etc. This portal has many products and services which can be ordered, that are also available in a normal branch.Oct 28, 2014 The ePost System delivers their requests at their doorstep and that too, with the flashing speed of internet. It marks the eradication of the entire middleware of the postal transaction i. e. Transfer from source to destination within no time. Our Mission The main aim of the ePost System is to provide the following to our valuedcustomers: Reliable parcel service. srs for epost office system

This SRS Document contains the complete software requirements for the Online Project Marking System (OPMS) and describes the design decisions, architectural design and the detailed design needed to implement the system. It provides the visibility in the design and provides information needed for software support. Scope.

Mission Statement. We are dedicated to the delivery of professional services to the research community. We strive to create innovative practices that promote positive and successful partnerships. Sep 13, 2014 The ePost Office system is the online shopping portal of the most famous postal service. People can use this system through internet. This system has various services like selling mobile cards, courier service, registering for electricity vendors etc. srs for epost office system Srs Document For E Post Office Codes and Scripts Downloads Free. The Open Platform for ELearning provides a complete objectoriented Document Object Model (DOM) for working with the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM). CZ Document Converter is an office document tool that supports batch conversion between word.

ePost Office Management System Shiva Prasad December 25, 2017 As the name suggests, the post office management system is an application that will allow reducing the manual work that is done at the post office. srs for epost office system Apr 08, 2019 In this category we share Student Project Reports which contains Synopsis, SRS, System design, Database design, Detailed design, Project screenshot, etc. This will help you to write documentation for your academic projects. ePost Office Management System. As the name suggests, the post office management system is an application that will EPost Office System. Published on February 2017 Categories: Documents Downloads: 17 Comments: 0 76 views A Software Requirement Specification For Epost office SystemPurposeThe purpose of software requirement specification is to maintain the work and specification of the agent of Post on computer. It contains all the detail of agent, clients, different schemes, etc. . Post Office management System is an application which is created for the use of an automated system all over the country. The Administration Block of the Post Office, situated at the head office holds the information of the customers who sent deliveries regularly

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