Multi stage refrigeration system ppt

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of single stage, multi stage and cascade refrigeration systems. A refrigeration system is a combination of components and equipment connected in a sequential order to produce the desired refrigeration effect (cooling or heating).By lettingdown the pressure of chilled and highly compressed refrigerant, we can obtain a cold temperature of refrigerant. By adjusting the pressure lettingdown level, we can obtain a wanted temperature level of refrigerant. By cooling after compressing a vapor stream, we multi stage refrigeration system ppt

A multistage system is a refrigeration system with two or more lowside pressures. Multistage systems can be classified into: a) Multicompression systems b) Multievaporator systems c) Cascade systems, etc. Two concepts which are normally integral to multipressure systems are, i. Flash gas removal, and ii) Inter cooling.

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systems are the most widely adopted refrigeration systems in both comfort and process air conditioning. 2. Absorption systems. In an absorption system, the refrigeration effect is produced by thermal energy input. After absorbing heat from the cooling medium during evaporation, the vapor refrigerant is absorbed by an absorbent medium. multi stage refrigeration system ppt thermoelectric refrigeration system; however maximum rate of refrigeration is smaller than that of a singlestage thermoelectric refrigeration system. Hence it is convenient to use single stage thermoelectric refrigerator when ratio is small. When temperature ratio is large two stage thermoelectric refrigerator is observed to be superior than Multistage system of cooling. There are two main types of such systems: cascade and multistage. Multistage system uses two or more compressors are consistently in the same cooling system. The refrigerant is becoming more thick steam as it passes through each compressor. Please note that the twostage system (Fig. A single refrigerant is used in the system, and the two compressors share the compression task equally. Therefore, a combination of two compressors with low compression ratios can provide a high compression ratio. For temperatures in the range of 46oC to 101oC, cascaded systems 6. 10 MultiStage Refrigeration System: When number of applications at same temperatures is to be taken up by the refrigerating plant, multistage refrigeration systems are generally used. Assuming T 1, T 2, and T 3 are the refrigerating loads on evaporator E 1, E 2 and E 3 as

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