Some example of artificial ecosystem

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10 Examples of Artificial Manmade Ecosystems Artificial ecosystems are manmade ecosystems that are often carefully maintained in constant controlled conditions. Artificial ecosystems are designed for a specific purpose.An artificial ecosystem meets all the criteria of a natural ecosystem but is made and controlled by humans. It is created to mimic a natural ecosystem but often is less complex and with a very low genetic diversity. Orchards, farmlands, a garden and manmade reservoirs are some examples of artificial ecosystems. Keep Learning. some example of artificial ecosystem

3 Examples of natural and artificial ecosystems are as follows: 1) Natural Ecosystem: Forests, Oceans and Rivers. 2) Artificial Ecosystem: Aquariums, Gardens and Crop Fields. Hope my answer helped you. : ) If yes, please do like it. : ) If you have any other doubts please do let me know.

An artificial ecosystem is an ecosystem made by man. An artificial ecosystem is something like an animal reserve or a giant terrarium, one example, a zoo. How can the answer be improved? some example of artificial ecosystem The artificial ecosystem is an ecosystem that has been made by man. A Zoo or an Aquarium would be two examples of an artificialecosystem. share with friends Share to:

Oct 09, 2010 Best Answer: An ecosystem has two basic components: A. Abiotic (non living) B. Biotic (living organism). Any planet, moon or asteroid without life is NOT an example of an ecosystem. Stars are NOT examples of ecosystems. Molten lava in a volcanic caldera is NOT an example of an ecosystem. some example of artificial ecosystem 5 Characteristics of Artificial Ecosystem (Examples) Ecosystem. 4. Artificial ecosystems with further improvements in design can enhance the sustenance capacity of population in a given space and enable the expansion of human habitat into oceans, outer space,

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