Mk 76 fire control system

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Jan 16, 2019  MK 75 76 mm62 Caliber Gun: Description Lightweight, fully automated, remote controlled, rapidfire, 76mm gun mount. Background The MK 75Oct 09, 2013 MK92 Fire Control System (FCS) on BRP Ramon Alcaraz. (PF16) The Mk 92 system assigns targets via the ship's air search radar, and surface search radar or from the MK 92's own search radar mk 76 fire control system

In June 2011, Saab was awarded two contracts by the Royal Thai Navy for the upgrade of combat management and fire control systems on two Naresuan Class frigates. The total value of the contracts is SEK454m (72. 8m). Under the contract, Saab will supply a 9LV Mk4 combat management system (CMS), CEROS 200 fire control system and datalink equipment.

ANSPG55. The ANSPG55 was an American tracking illumination radar for Terrier and RIM67 Standard missiles (SM1ERSM2ER). It was used for target tracking and surfacetoair missile guidance as part of the Mk 76 missile fire control system. It was controlled by a UNIVAC 1218 computer. Combat Systems: SPS48 3D Air Search Radar, SPS40 Air Search Radar, SPS67 Surface Search Radar, SQQ26 Sonar, (1) Mk 14 Weapon Direction System, (4) Mk 76 Missile Fire Control Systems, (1) Mk 86 Gun Fire Control System, (1) Mk 114 ASW Fire Control System, (2) SPG55 Radars, SLQ25 Nixie, SLQ32 EW System. mk 76 fire control system US NAVY WEAPON SYSTEM. The breechblock is a machined steel block that moves vertically in guideways at the front of the housing. The breechblock seals the gun bore to ensure no burning powder or gases escape into the gun house. The firing pin is located on the face of the breechblock. It allows for electrical or percussion firing of the round.

USS Sterett CG31 ( ) The Third Ship named after Master Commandant Andrew Sterett. Originally commissioned as DLG31 a Guided Missile Frigate ( ), reclassified as CG31 Guided Missile Cruiser June 30, 1975. mk 76 fire control system weapons control system. The system described in this section is installed aboard the DLG9 class frigates. It consists of a weapons direction system, two Terrier missile fire control systems (Mk 76), a Mk 10 guided missile launching system, and BT and HT missiles. However, for the sake of clarity How can the answer be improved? The fire control system was designed for use with the RIM2 Terrier missile. The Mk 76 FCS was composed of 2 ANSPG55 per launcher installation coupled to the MK 152 Fire Control System computer. In addition, the system worked with information from the ships search radars for target acquisition and intercept. Linked with a digital fire control system, the Mk 110 accurately fires automatic salvos of the highly lethal 57mm Mk 295 ammunition at a firing rate of 220 rounds per minute and a range of up to

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