3g system information block

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View 3G SIB. xlsx from MOBILE COM 34 at BIT Institute of Technology. System information block in UMTSThe system information block type 9 contains CPCH information to be used in the cell. The system information block type 10 contains information to be used by UEs having their DCH controlled by a DRAC procedure. The system information block type 11 contains measurement control information to be used in the cell. 3g system information block

WCDMA SIB (System Information Block) types. MIB which stands for Mian Index for System Information carry scheduling information on SIBs, Scheduling block1 and Scheduling block2. Both scheduling blocks are optional and will also be used for SIBs. SIB3 cell selectionreselection parameters used by UE in IDLE mode, if SIB4 is not present then it can also be used by UEs (in CONNECTED

LTE system information SI1 transmitted every 80ms, SI2 every 160ms and SI3 every 320 ms. System Information Blocks are grouped in SI containers. Each SI is composed of multiple SIBs. Each SI usually will have different transmission frequency and will be sent in a single subframe. SIBs are transmitted using BCCH mapped on DLSCH which in turn mapped on MIB Main index for system information. Contains scheduling information on SIBs and up to two scheduling blocks SIB1 Contains NAS information as well as information on timers for use in idle or connected mode SIB2 Contains information on the URAs that are available. There can be up to 8 3g system information block Aug 27, 2016  System Information Block Type 3 in LTE. Speed dependent reselection parameters. If this field is absent then mobility State Parameters is not present. If qHystSF is present then it is

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