Sumerian relief solar system

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The recovered Enuma Elish document, a history of the formation of our solar system and more, says that, at the time when Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn were in place, there was a Uranus sized planet, called Tiamat, in orbit between Mars and Jupiter. Earth was not in place yet.The Sumerian civilisation developed on the Persian Gulf, growing to strength at around 4 3, 000 B. C. The 'Plain of the Land of Shinar' is the territory which after 2, 000 B. C. became called Babylon. The Greeks named the region Mesopotamia (The land between two sumerian relief solar system

Nov 06, 2008 The Sumerians had an even more exact knowledge of the solar system and its place in our universe than did the Babylonians, whom they predate. The Sumerian calender was originally crafted as early as 3, 000 B. C. and is also the model for our calendar today.

Sumerian Civilization knew about Solar System. The Sumerian communities were city states organized around a temple and ruled by a priesthood. The bulk of the people of the community were considered to be the servantslaves of the god of the temple. The insecurities of life justified the role of the priesthood. Gilgamesh Kills The Bull of HeavenThis is a NeoSumerian terracotta votive relief (c. BC) showing Gilgamesh, the legendary King of the city of Uruk (map) fighting against Gugalanna, the Bull of Heaven. In Sumerian mythology, the gods sent. sumerian relief solar system The Sumerian solar system based on the information in Mr Sitchin's book the Lost Book of Enki. The Sumerian version of the creation of our Solar System. In the beginning there existed the Sun (Apsu), encircled by the planet Tiamat, and the planet Mercury (Mummu).

Clay tablet in the ruins of the Royal Library at Nineva shows how to go through inner solar system. In Andy Lloyds scenario, their planet, Nibiru, revolves around Nemesis, Solaris binary dark dwarfstar; this, from the perspective of Earth, is as far from Earth as Nibiru goes. sumerian relief solar system Look at the image of the sun being circled by ten planets in the upper left of this ancient Sumerian cylinder seal: The Sumerians were clearly intelligent people with a value system, a set of laws, diversification of labor, a monetary system, marriage and divorce, and many of the attributes of a sophisticated culture. 2a 5, 000 year old Mesopotamian artefact of a Sumerian relief depicting our solar system, solar planet positions actually match the positions on the relief of gods from thousands of years ago. Sun god Shamash (Utu in the Sumerian languagee) The symbol of the sun god in SumeroMesopotamian religion was a central circle with four extended arms with wavy lines in between each arm (most common), or a circle with only wavy lines. The entire symbol was itself nearly always [I dont know any exceptions, The Sumerians were well aware that our solar system was Heliocentric. Moreover they show 11 celestial bodies or planets. The above picture taken from a Sumerian cylinder seal cleary shows that they not only knew the number of bodies in the solar system, but the relative size as well. There is a twelfth body shown away from the solar system.

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