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A natural heritage system is defined by the Province of Ontario as: A system made up of natural heritage features and areas, and linkages intended to provide connectivity (at the regional or site level) and support natural processes which are necessary to maintain biological and geological diversity, natural functions, viable populations ofAbout the Natural Heritage System. The Natural Heritage System, which runs through the New Communities of Oakville, is made up of about 900 hectares of protected land (including woodlots, open fields, watercourses and valleys) and reflects the commitment of landowners, the town and Conservation Halton to protect and enhance the natural environment. natural heritage system ontario

In the language of the Ontario Provincial Policy Statement, a Natural Heritage System is: a system made up of natural heritage features and areas, and linkages intended to provide connectivityto maintain biological and geological diversitycan include lands that have been restored or have the potential to be restored

Become an Advocate for Nature. The Oak Ridges Moraine Partnership including Ontario Nature, EcoSpark, Save the Oak Ridges Moraine Coalition (STORM) and Earthroots has identified several areas for improving the regional natural heritage system for the GGH. See our full recommendations on the criteria, methods, Natural Heritage System for the Lake Simcoe Watershed Phase 1: Components and Policy Templates System for the Lake Simcoe Watershed. Prepared for the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority and Senior Natural Heritage Biologist with the Authority, Kim has over a decade of experience in natural heritage system ontario How natural heritage works in municipal planning. Counterintuitively, much of the protection for Natural Heritage in Ontario is driven by the Planning Acts Provincial Policy Statement, better known for driving urban density levels, development charges and zoningbut Natural Heritage is defined ecologically, rather than culturally:

This application uses licensed Geocortex Essentials technology for the Esri ArcGIS platform. All rights reserved. natural heritage system ontario A natural heritage system (NHS) is a network of interconnected natural features and areas such as forests, lakes, rivers, valleylands and wetlands. These natural features provide many ecosystem services (e. g. , pollination, clean water, soil erosion control) which support healthy communities. Ontario Provincial Policy Statement 2005, policy: The diversity and connectivity of natural features in an area, and the longterm ecological function and biodiversity of natural heritage systems should be maintained, restored or, where possible, improved, recognizing linkages between and among natural heritage features and areas Information protection and system security protocols are in place to ensure the right information gets to the right people for the right reasons. Sharing information. The Natural Heritage Information Centre distributes data about Ontarios species, plant communities, wildlife concentration areas and natural areas. In January 2017 Ontario Nature, Environment and Climate Change Canada, and other partners are hosting a series of workshops to explore concepts on natural heritage systems planning in municipalities across Ontario.

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