Silva 1-2-3 system compass

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With the mirror tilted to a 45degree angle, you can check your direction by looking at the bezel in the mirror while sighting in the correct direction of travel. Because you neednt lift your eyes from the compass in order to look into the terrain, the direction determined with the Silva 12The high performance SILVA compass, now with a global needle! If you are looking for a basic but yet high quality compass for your outdoor adventure anywhere in silva 1-2-3 system compass

Navigate With a Compass Using The Silva 123 system. Below is an excellent video that teaches you how to use a compass with a map to get you to your desired location using Silvas easy to follow 3 step program. If you would like more of a hands on approach and live near an REI they offer inexpensive land navigation classes that you can take.

SILVA 1 2 3 SYSTEM until red end of the compass needle points to 20 degs. on the E. decl. scale now the direction of travel arrow points in the correct direction. NB! Always check the functionality of the compass before using it in the field. May 25, 2017  The Silva 123 System. Yes, it can be easy, if youve practiced. Using a baseplate compass this way is typically part of any map and compass training, or reading materials on map and compass work. But translating that to a thumb compass can be a bit tricky, primarily if the compass doesnt have the required bezel. silva 1-2-3 system compass Turnable housing usable with the SILVA 123 System. By knowing the slope you can also judge any extra distance that you need to go due to the slope. The baseplate has a curvedup at the backend for

(The Silva products you have been purchasing for the last 20 years were NOT from Silva of Sweden. ) See all of our products by Silva of Sweden. The SILVA Starter 123 combines simplicity with comfort and will become a reliable companion in all situations. silva 1-2-3 system compass The only other compass I recommend for scouts is the Silva Explorer 203, which also adds the scale for USGS 1: 24, 000 and 1: 62, 500 topo maps. The Explorer 203 is the one I carry hiking and hunting. Update both of the Silva compasses I have bought in the last two years now have peasize bubbles in them and can slightly affect accuracy. We have a lot of different products and models, and sometimes it can be a little bit tricky to decide. Here you can find guidance which product is most suitable for you based on your needs and preferences, and inspiration on how to use our products. 5. 0 out of 5 stars Silva Starter# 123 Compass. September 13, 2018. Color: StandardSize: One Size Verified Purchase. I've used Silva compasses for many years. I purchased this one as a gift for my grandson who has demonstrated a interest in hiking and backpacking. It is a great general purpose compass. Read more.

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