Agroforestry systems in sri lanka

2020-01-29 13:39

A review of agroforestry research and practice in Sri Lanka is provided with emphasis on traditional systems, plantation intercropping, silvopastoral systems, fertility improvement and communityMar 29, 2018 Agroforestry bolsters biodiversity and villages in Sri Lanka. These unusually diverse agroforestry systems have reduced the pressure on native primary rainforest and serve to provide habitat, forest cover, biodiversity and food security within the buffer zone, where land is otherwise increasingly being used for tea cultivation. agroforestry systems in sri lanka

Sri Lanka looks forward to engaging with World Agroforestry as a technical and research agency to assist the Government of Sri Lanka in addressing climate risks to food security and safeguarding Sri Lankas abundant agroecosystems, added Secretary, Mr. Anura Dissanayake.

Apr 12, 2018 An extraordinarily diverse agroforestry system. Scholars believe home gardens in Sri Lanka are an ancient agroforestry system that has been practiced for more than 2, 500 years. The age of tropical home gardens is less well understood, but Vijaykumara W. knows his family has maintained a home garden in Pitekele for at least 200 years. Technical efficiency in the spice based agroforestry sector in Matale, Sri Lanka By Lindara M. J. K. Lindara, Fred H. Johnsen and Herath M. Gunatilake Noragric Working Paper No. 34 February 2004 Noragric Agricultural University of Norway Noragric is the Centre for International Environment and Development Studies at the Agricultural University of Norway (NLH). agroforestry systems in sri lanka Characterizing the traditional tree garden systems of southwest Sri Lanka. Second, to record the use and cultivation techniques used in these systems. The traditional Sri Lankan home garden system is a centuriesold agroforestry practice, with usage of some plants dating from 5, 000 years before present.

Keyword: Agrobiodiversity, agroforestry, Gliricidia, homegardens, live fences. Abstract: The study was conducted to examine the structure and composition of live fence agroforestry practices in two regions of Sri Lanka and to identify key ecosystem system services provided by them. The studies were conducted in the Katupotha in Kurunegala district and Hingurakgoda in Polonnaruwa district. agroforestry systems in sri lanka Newman SM (1985) A survey of interculture practices and research in Sri Lanka. Agroforestry Systems 3: 2536Google Scholar. 2. Andriesse JP and Schelhaas RM (1987) A monitoring study of nutrient cycles in soils used for shifting cultivation under various climatic conditions in tropical Asia. ICRAFs liaison office in Sri Lanka is located at the University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka and the program is trying to break barriers to agroforestry development, adaptations and capacity building through national and regional partnerships. Research Program: Maintaining existing good systems, and their characterization. Sustainable Agroforestry Systems in Dry Zone of Sri Lanka: ACase Study 107 engaged in other types of employment. The total number of employees of Kalegama Wasama, other than farming and pottery making, is presented in table 1. Sri Lanka is, in fact, an extensively treeclad country. Intact forest makes up 28. 2 (1, 759, 840 ha) and treerich agroforestry systems a further 24. 4. Rubber and tea cover 300, 000 ha; coconuts 396, 000 ha; and home gardens 900, 000 ha. Agroforestry is the major source of sawlogs.

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