Corzan industrial piping systems

2019-09-18 23:58

Lubrizol is a singlesource provider of polymer technologies designed to solve todays toughest building and production challenges, and is an innovator and world leader in chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) resins and compounds.Over the course of nearly 60 years, Corzan Industrial Systems has established a reputation of delivering reliability to a variety of industries and applications. Below are just a few stories highlighting our customers positive experiences using Corzan material. corzan industrial piping systems

No other piping system on the market today outperforms Corzan industrial systems with its longer service life, lower maintenance costs and improved process utilization. For more than 50 years, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) has been offering the process industry a superior, corrosionresistant piping alternative.

For proper solvent welding of Corzan pipe and fittings, the primer and cement dauber should be no less than half the size of the pipe for sizes 3 and below. Larger sizes require the use of a swab. StepbyStep Instructions 1. Cut the pipe. Corzan piping systems can be cut using ratchet cutters, wheel cutters or a All CPVC fittings shall be molded or fabricated from CPVC compound that is compatible with the pipe material. Only IPEX CPVC Schedule 80 pipe shall be threaded and the pressure rating shall be reduced by 50. All pipe, fittings and valves shall be compatible, produced using Corzan compound and be produced by one manufacturer as supplied by IPEX. corzan industrial piping systems Corzan CPVC Why CPVC Piping Is Safer Than Other Piping Materials By: Jorge Solorio February 26th, 2019 Every company has safety policies to protect its workers, and employee safety should always be the most important consideration when selecting an industrial piping system. Is the piping system functional and reliable?

How can the answer be improved? corzan industrial piping systems Offering an ideal combination of durability, reliability and affordability, Corzan CPVC pipe, valves and fittings are designed to meet HVAC system requirements such as temperature, pressure and size in commercial systems. Corzan CPVC has a proven track record in commercial hot water heating and cooling systems in hospitals, retail and multifamily projects, to name a few. Only IPEX offers complete plastic pipe, valve and fitting (PVF) systems in Industrial PVC, CPVC, ABS and natural and pigmented PP for process piping, double containment, acid waste, highpurity, compressed air applications, and ventilation duct in Canada. Temperature is a major factor when designing an offshore piping system. IPEX Corzan HP exhibits an elevated HDB at 180F and is pressure rated up to 200 psi. This equates to IPEX Corzan HP being able to operate at a higher pressure throughout all elevated temperatures with a maximum 25 pressure increase at 180F when compared to generic CPVC. is planning to convert its other plants to Corzan CPVC Industrial Systems in the future. Corzan CPVC case study: One of the largest water treatment plants in the United States reduces maintenance by converting metallic system to Corzan CPVC piping

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