Describe the features of a computerized system

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ADVERTISEMENTS: Important Features of Modern Operating System for Personal Computers! Personal computers have a unique strength that lies in the availability of a large number of readymade software packages. In fact, the user friendliness of these software packages has not only made the PC popular but also has added to the list of applications of [The data in a computerized system depends on reliable hardware to track the information you need. When your system crashes or freezes, you may not have access to your records. describe the features of a computerized system

A computer system must have 4 components, or else it is not a computer system. Those 4 components are Input, Output, Processor and Storage. When you describe the features of a computer you can

Special Features of Computerized Accounting System: 1. It leads to quick preparation of accounts and makes available the accounting statements and records on time. 2. It ensures control over accounting work and records. 3. Errors and mistakes would be at minimum in computerized accounting. Oct 08, 2014 Unit 3 Computer Systems Wednesday, 8 October 2014. P4 describe the features and functions of information systems Features of information systems. Data. Data needs to be inputted into an information system so it can be managed and processed. Once processed the end product is information, this is the output. describe the features of a computerized system Mar 15, 2019 An operating system converts the language of the underlying hardware to the software that runs on top of the operating system and visa versa. Hardware drivers work with the operating system allowing it to communicate with the wide variety of hardware devices that can be added to the base hardware system.

Learn about the musthave features of an EHR; Health Record Features& Functions. transmitted to a pharmacy in such a way that the data goes directly into the pharmacy's computer system describe the features of a computerized system Answer (1 of 2): 2. Salient Features of Computerized accounting2. 1. Fast, Powerful, Simple and accounting is designed to automate and integrate all the business operations, such as sales, finance, purchase, inventory and manufacturing. With Computerized accounting, accurate, uptodate business information is literally at the fingertips. System: A system is an orderly grouping of interdependent components linked together according to a plan to achieve a specific objective. The study of system concepts has three basic implications: A system must be designed to achieve a predetermined objective. Interrelationships and interdependence must exist among the components. Lesson Summary. A computerized accounting system is a software program that is stored on a company's computer, network server, or remotely accessed via the Internet, and it can be a great benefit for a business. It can help streamline accounting steps and help minimize errors. Software applications make use of ledgers, journals and other accounting tools much like traditional manual accounting systems. However, computerized accounting can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of a company's accounting process. Computerized accounting systems enhance the workflow of a companys financial information.

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